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Well, this is a dark dairy of mine where I pour out my feelings into every word. It's a strange blog but it's probably the best way to convey my feelings without being hurt.
I hope you don't find them too weird and with that, I wish you a fun time reading...

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Thursday, November 10, 2011


hi guyys~
              yea siann lately keep taking care of my sista until veh siann hmpf n osho dunno wad to blogg abt like reli boh ming kia to tok abt bt idw to leave my blogg chao seng ehh >_< haiz neh mind tmr cmf gt tings to tok abt coz tmr goin GB n mee goin vaccinatio aka INJECTION >_< wo bu yaooo n my couzzie tell wo vaccination  veh veh veh veh painful de . . hmpf nuu choice as a shuaii ge muz jian qiang~ cannot b like gu niang liddat scared pain de HAHAHAHA nonsense muchh n ya lahh i tink tats all for todayy n ohh ya btw juz tellin ur for fun . xing ying seems to b gettin better le~ todayy she veh happee n keep wan go off bed to walk walk bt still her temp quite high arnd 38++ degree well at least gt dropp mahh n todayy she smile at mee when she wakey upp cutee muchh ^_^ kekeke tmr i will blogg to tell ur how the injection feels like n if can i will take sum pics of the injection coz i tink my blogg veh siann keep read n read n read de. . n yupp wif tat 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


heyy guys~
                well sorwwy for nt bloggin for the past 2 days ehh hmpf. . my sista - xing ying was down wif fever n guess wad?her temperature was 39.4 degree~ omigoodness soo hott mann >_< hope ish nt i pass to her de xP well tho sumtime i reli hate her for being sooo irritatin lahh (tho i osho) bt i still saranghae her muchh de okay :P soo ish my ze ren as a sista/brotha to take care of her n yeaa tired muchh bt its paid off once u realise tat her temperature drop :') (hmpf i like veh wei da siaa xD hehehe nuu choice at a da jie jie/da kor kor this ish wad i mmuz do) well shant tell u muchh now for i nid to go take care of her n pray hard tat her fever will say buh byee n let her stay strong soo tat i wont haf to take care of her okie?HEHE n wif tat

Sunday, November 6, 2011

a far way happee bday from mee

yo ppl~
            yupp today ish chan chan's bday n like wad i've said at my last post - this post ish gonna b abt her bday .  ofc well aft tat incident which made mee n them bein distanced away , im still gonna wish her a happee bday soo well here it goes. .
          ello chan chan ~ congratz ehh finally 13 le ~ meanin ur growin upp to b more mature n more preety ^_^ well sorwwy for nt postin a happee bday post at ur fb wall instead postin here coz wo scared ltr ni hui shen qi :/ hmpf well osho veh sorwwy for the bitch act of mine which lian lei ur many many trouble. . DUI BU QI~ hmpf soo aiya anw juz happee bday lahh n hope u haf a great bday this year n hopefully i *cross fingers* tat nxt year perhaps, juz perhaps tat i might celebrate it wif u >_< well soo bday wish cmf gt bday song de mahh soo ahem ahem here it goes~

nyehehe hope u dun mind my awful singin n wif tat im gonna end this bday post now to nt interupt u celebratin ur bday :)

Saturday, November 5, 2011

once bitten twice shyyy?

yo ~
       well hmpf upon readin the tittle of todayy's post u might b wonderin
yupp sooo sorwwy ehh bt wont b veh emo de lahh :/ well soo here's wad happen. .
       last nite arnd 9+ i gt the shockest ting in my life mann . .  umm ish 2 person from devil 4 tok to mee at fb (well idw to point outt names bt anw im nt gonna insult ur anyting osho sooo dun worry ) okay gt back to the story , they were tokin to mee well kinda sweeet nt at all angry a least bit ? hmpf well anw im veh glad u (idw say name bt u noe hu u r ) called mee backk honey n nt even mindin mee callin u darling . reli i mean it thank u veh muchh n im osho veh glad tat ur doin fine now ~ tho ofc i hope to b presence during ur holiday days bt i tink i srsly dun haf the rite to do tat anymore. . being able to juz haf a tiny weeny chatt wif u/ur tho there was sum part which had probably made u ngry agn bt i reli cherished tat veh . . n needless to say of my stupidity bithch act tat had therefore cause all this distance n hate between us which had made mee foumd the important-ness n all the more i shld cherished of this cutee fwenshipp. . well tmr will b chanchan bday n i noe its impossible for mee to celebrate it wif her bt i would juz like to sayy a few happee bday words thru my blogg
        heyy umm chan chan : whether or nt if u r readin this now umm i noe u might even dun gif a shitt to wad im gonna sayy bt all i want to sayy ish tat happee bdayy n hope u'll haf a great time n sorwwy for makin ur hate mee soo muchh for the past few dayss be4 sch ends well veh dui bu qi ~ umm i dun tink im gonna wish u happee bdayy at fb for im afraid tat it will make u angry soo if ur readin this now i hope u will ti liang a bit okie? well tmr i'll deffinetely post an official happee bday post for u here at my blogg juz hope u wont mind n yupp tats all i wanna sayy soo umm happee bday
hmpf *emo mode on* well i tink i better shoo off in case i pass my emo-ness to ur n wif tat

Friday, November 4, 2011


heyy ppl~
               kekeke well dunno y juz feel like bloogin hmpf nth do mahh siann well anw todayy aft GB went outt wif pigg pigg wait gt new name for him liaoo PRAWN hahahahahahahah y PRAWN lehh?idw say ;X bleahh shhhh secret kekeke n aft tat his fwen join us n kept hittin his LJ? hahahahahahah ROFL muchh ke liann ehh him lan jiao kenna abused n dunno y he kept singin song to mee LALALALALALA~ (i noe my singin sux bt his was sweeet n nice ;) ) n arnd 4+ went home soo now bloggin lo hmpf another dayy which it kinda remind mee of my old clique which had left mee (devil 4). . dunno how had they been doin now haizzzzz. . bt aiya i tink they're doin fine without mee i guess :/ well dw to tok abt emo stuff lahh hor n siann dunno wad else to sayy liaoo soo muz well juz end here n wif tat

Friday, October 28, 2011

3.2.1. HOLIDAYY~

hi ppl~
          yupp its holidayy~! + ish 2 months sumore ehh kekeke happee muchh. . bt wa lao siann nid go back sch for cca n mon nid go find BARNEY -.- HAIZZ ~ pui chao nua lahh :P like srsly waste time oni. . den nid wear uni n sch shoe n wtf she ask mee dye back my hair ? knn lahh ppl wan shiok shiok for holidayy osho bu ke yi argh >;O #%&*@!<-- kekekeke trying to nt type vulgar on my blogg xP . . hmpf scarly ish she xiang wo den make xcuse to c mee ? xD HAHAHAHAH~ bhb myself . . dunno lahh hor on mon jiu zhi dao le soo well yupp tats all for this post n hmpf i lately keep bloggin hor? hehe gd mahh liddat~ n will tell ur wad happen on mon n my pigg pigg <3 hehehe fyi hor he gt read my blogg de x) HEHEHEHE KENNA XPOSED hmpf soo yupp tats all coz aiya dw my post soo wordy  or else readers will giddy giddy ~ n wif tat
                                                                holidayy mode : ✓
party time      : ✓
$$                 : ✓
hahahahha~ yupp my checklist for preparin the start of holidayy awesome muchh~ x)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

im sorwwy.


hey ppl~
well soo like waad u had juz read 15sec ago , yupp this post ish gonna b veh emo . . hmpf soo sorwwy ehh i like veh long bohh blog liao yett my this post ish goin to b emo (psps ehh)n
well soo getting to the straight point im having a veh bad fwen ship prob n yea u might b wonderin how did it  all happen? hmpf its all bcoz we (mee . shannon . ernny . chan chan)  went to skip juz a supplementary clazz conducted by weewee n the nxt day she went to call all of our parents n nt noeing my parents would b soo siao siao they went to call my sch n even call ernny father n complain everyting which therefore them, all of them to hate mee n being soo drifted soo far apart tat they start insultin mee hating mee. . haiz im soo sorwwy ernny.shanny.chan chan im nt insulting ur or toking bad stuff of ur alrite? i juz feel soo lonely now goin to lonely recesses n to b tok abt soo openly . . haizz i juz cant take it anymore. . n i can srsly swear tat i reli reli reli didnt betray ur and its my parents asumin tat ur r the 1 bringing mee bad. . i veh sorwwy bt im nt pushing the blame to them bt its reli the facts tat they tink ur make mee bad . apart from being sorwwy n cryin idk wad else can i do to solve this prob now. . i reli cherish ur as my fwens wait nuu like sisters bt yett when ur tok bad abt mee i reli felt hurt n u dun even wan to give mee a chance to xplain myself. . my parens r still angry if mee now n they even wanted to sen mee to a gals home . my parents ignore mee . my bf had broken upp wif mee . n rite n rite now even ur , the 1 i had cherish soo muchh r leaving mee alone. . i reli dunno wad i shld do anymore. . juz gimme the chance n allow everyting to go back normal soo tat all of ur would b reunit which ish a mission impossible now. . everynite i would juz pray tat ur would cum back to mee , leaving places we went a whole group of footstep nt juz mine. . ur r the 1 hu i believe tat would leave footstep tat would forever stay permanent im my heart n nt hurt. . pwease. . n im sorwwy. .
sayonara. .

Sunday, August 28, 2011

dead :X

hi ppl~!
mann im veri sorwwy for nt updating my blogg for such a long time. . dui bu qi ehh? haizz all bcoz of common test lorr n guess wad?tho i didnt study for my test bt MIRACULOUSLY i passed~! :) hahahaha sound soo sarcastic :P hmpf bt ofcoz nt wif FLYING COLOURS lahh. . juz pass err yi bt can lahh to mee liddat jiu enough le :) hehehehe~ as for my bf lehh? hmpf im nt veri shure ehh. . >_< we boh sms for v long le coz his fone tio confiscated (gua gua) bt my wife's boh do veri well bt soo wad? common test nia~ juz jia you for end of year xamn can liao . ohh ya btw introducing to ur a new wife i have. .  *drums roll* wei chin~! bt we call her chan chan :) heheheh anw needa end here for now coz mee gotta run veri ps ehh n i hope mee n chan chan can b veri sweet hubby n wifeey xD. . for tat

tats wei chin (chan chan) . . cutee rite?x)                                             
                                                                              mee n chan chan :)


Saturday, August 6, 2011


heyy guyys im back~ well i had a gd news today..*drums roll* everyting ishh awwite between us agn n it ended aup its my of my paraniod-ness aft all ^_^ wee mee supar happee now as they r now v gd to mee n mee saranhhae them muchh well all i want to sayy now ishh sorwwy for postin badd stuff abt  u guyys during my last post n i reli treasure u guys as my fwens . . waitt nt juz fwens . my LAO PO~ heehee well mee shall end here for now coz idw my blogg to b wordy full of words >_<

Sunday, July 24, 2011


heyy guys sorwwy for nt updatin my bloggs lately..well i was rather bz wif fwenshipp problems..yeapp u heard it rite fwenship problems still occurs on mee even tho at the age of 13..haizz it started wiff a fight wif char siew my 3rd wiffey at TWITTER which lasted a cold war between us for a week n couple of dayys. bt lucky for us we had patch back to nornal .
bt...i tink it ish turnin to mee for i felt tat they r dislikin mee bcoz last week 'sumting' happened which i shall nt mention here bcoz it was a fite between we n t.chers n the nxt dayy t.cher called mee n gave mee a pack of sticky n it was to apologize to us n it was suppoes to b shared arnd.i immediately told ernny n the rest abt it bt she was like 'FAKE FAKE FAKE .dun faker lahh u' its like to mee i felt v unhappee wif it n wads worst?after tat she kept laughin n thought it was an anger i threw it on the floor n the stickies were all crashed into pieces..which stop their laughter. n from there on i felt as if mee n the rest were driftin apart...1 more xample..last friday they were tokin abt goin out which excluded mee shannon was like 'aiya i noe xing zi wan go bt she cmf dunno how go somerset de' heyy do u tink im dump or wad? even if i dunno how to go i noe how to take MRT wad .. dun tink tat tokin bad abt mee i wont react bcoz u guys tink i wont do anyting bt dun gt it wrong~! i do haf feelings n im easily affected my fwenshipp... dun take mee as a idiot or wad3va shitt tat wont cryy or hit back u guyys bcoz 1 dayy if i reli loose my endurance i can reli bring u down.. mayb u guys r even right now readin my blogg bt i wont regret wad3va i wrote n if u tink tat im insultin u i apologize coz im nt
anw these r a few tings i would like to tell them:
shannon: heyy i noe mayb inside our group i go outt the least bt understand this i at leas ain't a idiot hu dunno how to go somerset.
ernny:everytime u gt moody wif ur fwens can u at leat dun make the group feel moody too?idc alrite bt can u at least dun vent ur moody-ness on mee n start callin mee bitch?i goin fustrated over this name u noe tat?
char siew: well we dun haf any grudges anymore bt theres still a slight scar between us..
~for wad3ca i wrote insulted u IM SORWWRY~
n to shannon.ernny n char siew: for wad3va i made u guys resultin our distance n 'war' im terribly sorwwy.
thx for reading to my sorrows n sorwwy for nt havin a 'happee' post this time

Sunday, July 10, 2011


hahas ello~! psps uhh lately veri siann nuu mood to update my blogg which ish half rootin soon XD heehee well nth much 'special' happened lately tho bt aiya idw my blogg smelly XP hahas anw still sorwwy for nt updatin my blogg for abt a couples of week ahh~ hmpf lately i start listenin to avril lavinge's- Innoscence~ damn nicee ya lahh ishh old song bt soo wad?nicee song doesnt matter abt the 'age' 1 mahh hahas (eee~ i sound soo ang mor here Xp) well tats all for todayy bahh n mee will try to update as frequent as could b lahh . . sayonara~
heehee my camwore pic of the dayy~~ ^^

Friday, June 24, 2011

shannon's bday preperation~!

hiie guyz~another awesome dayy wif my 4th wife~XIN ERN n did our project which shannon n char siew shld do tgt bt they were unable to cum ='( bt hehe haf ernny (xin ern) enough liao lahh~coz we both r the most hyper~ de ^_^ well we did our project awhile  n went to obugis to shop-shop for shannon's bday party~! n osho took our so called wedding pics at neoprint HEHE bo lui mahh >_0 n went to search for cheapp couple tees too~WEE
this r the pics we took...cutee rite?

wee~mee n ernny~
ernny look soo cutee in this pic ^^

 ~ i <3 u~

another cutee pic of us~

 look closely at our shoulders..can u c 2 tags?well..tats mee n ernny;s lovee item~! mann SCH STARTIN SOON~kua kua~ eee y cannot extend more days sia~BLEAHH >_< haizz well tats all for todayy i nid to chiong my HW liao ~sayonara~

Monday, June 20, 2011

my actual Bday~^^ (part 2)

this ishh the big big bday card shannon was holding

  this ishh another bday cakee my celebrated wif my parents
this ish their bday prezzie for mee ^_^

YAY its 20 june my bday~well i was suppose to meet my 3 wiveS at 12.30 bt i woke upp at 12 wif a shock~hahas too sleepy le mahh~ XD lucky my 3rd wife (CHAR SIEW) tell mee tat i can take my time bt sia~hehe in the end oni latee a little bit phew~lucky sia bt when i reach there oni char siew over there coz xin ern cant cum n shannon overslept (srsly tat time my mood ani't gd =( ) n we went up to the tampinese 1 rooftop n eat sushi.ltr char siew say tat she nid go toilet n guess wad?when she came back xin ern was holdin on a bday cake n shannon was holdin on a big big bday card~mann todayy was totally awesome n its 1 of my best day evar (excludin the part when shannon bash mee wif the bday cake) haha n i promised u to pt up pics for u guyz to c rite? tadaa~

Sunday, June 19, 2011

My bday~! (part 1)

ello~! sorwwy uhh ytd didnt update my blogg coz i went to my aunt's house to celebrate my early bday~yay! bt wa lao her house all the wayy at woodlands siaa~soo farr mann >_< lucky my lao bu drive mee or else i nid abt  2 hr sia!hehe had delicious barbeque food at her house n collected many many hong pao ^^ all tgt 5 hong pao bt gt $500 sia~woohoo~can go shoppin liao ^^ well tats all for today i'll tell u more tmr bcoz tmr ish 20 June which ish my ~ACTUAL BDAY~ n my 2nd.3rd & 4th wifee gonna celebrate for mee (1st wifee nvr coz gt campin) hehe (if u wan noe hu ish my wiffes all tgt go c my 1st post) n i promise i will put pics upp to show u guyz..n yupp tats all todayy sayonara~

Thursday, June 16, 2011

my absence in blogg

hello~psps uhh...lately veri bz wif?STUDYIN!haizz >< studyin sux mann i hatee studyin bt nuu choice nid to act yi ke guai kia den my lao bu will lett mee go out coz idw to kenna stuck at couzin house anymoree mann >_< well soo for the past few days i had been goin to the elias cc there study...aka use internet time.waa lucky there gt wifi mann or else i will reli bored to death well aft this week i can PARTY le ~YAY~ hahas well tats all for today..sayonara

Sunday, June 12, 2011


ello!~haiz another siann dayy coz my lao bu nuu lett mee goo outt T_T bt lucky gt my ernny~ to entertain mee or else i'll rott here at homee...hahas i was watchin snsd live at paris juz now n my yoona was...FUCKIN CUTEE ^^ my top 4 bias ish:YOONA.JESSICA.YURI.SUNNY.^^ they are supar kawaii n chio mann~well tats all for todayy.sayonara~

Saturday, June 11, 2011

zzz im a sleepy pigg XD

haizz...MORNNIN!wait i meant gd aftnoon hahas :) dunno y today *yawn* soo sleepy coz i wokee up at 3.15 veri li hai horr?hahas skipped my breakfast n has 2 tubb of my fav hagendaz strawberry ice cream for lunch wee~ n for dinner went to foodcourt at CS n bought a hott pants n skinny jeans n ish damn cheap at giordano. happy muchh =). well tats all for todayy sayonara~

Sunday, June 5, 2011

ME :)

HIIES~im xing zi n i've juz started my bloggg :)
n startin from now i'll try my best to update my happenings each if i cant den psps uhh...>_<

juz to lett u noe abt mee i haf 4 wife's (heheh)
the first 1 ish sharon...chio horr?i noe her since P5 n yupp i lovee her best ^_^
the second 1 ish shannon...hahas idk y all name start wif SHA de all chio horr?hahas n i knew her this year oni    still...i SARANGHAE herr muchh
the third 1 ish charmiane...aka char siew..hehe both name + person oshho verii KAWAII n chioo~
the forth 1 ish mee sms wiff the most its...*drums roll*...XIN ERN! verii cutee horr?n horny osho =)