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Friday, October 28, 2011

3.2.1. HOLIDAYY~

hi ppl~
          yupp its holidayy~! + ish 2 months sumore ehh kekeke happee muchh. . bt wa lao siann nid go back sch for cca n mon nid go find BARNEY -.- HAIZZ ~ pui chao nua lahh :P like srsly waste time oni. . den nid wear uni n sch shoe n wtf she ask mee dye back my hair ? knn lahh ppl wan shiok shiok for holidayy osho bu ke yi argh >;O #%&*@!<-- kekekeke trying to nt type vulgar on my blogg xP . . hmpf scarly ish she xiang wo den make xcuse to c mee ? xD HAHAHAHAH~ bhb myself . . dunno lahh hor on mon jiu zhi dao le soo well yupp tats all for this post n hmpf i lately keep bloggin hor? hehe gd mahh liddat~ n will tell ur wad happen on mon n my pigg pigg <3 hehehe fyi hor he gt read my blogg de x) HEHEHEHE KENNA XPOSED hmpf soo yupp tats all coz aiya dw my post soo wordy  or else readers will giddy giddy ~ n wif tat
                                                                holidayy mode : ✓
party time      : ✓
$$                 : ✓
hahahahha~ yupp my checklist for preparin the start of holidayy awesome muchh~ x)

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