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Hey there it's Luna
Well, this is a dark dairy of mine where I pour out my feelings into every word. It's a strange blog but it's probably the best way to convey my feelings without being hurt.
I hope you don't find them too weird and with that, I wish you a fun time reading...

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Monday, February 22, 2016

Filthy life

How does it feel?
To be a slut and not a saint.
Wearing clothes too fucking revealing,
Poring alcohol in your brain.

How did it felt?
Crying deep in the night,
Wrapping your arms around me.
Lying that things are gonna be

How did your body endured?
This undeserving pain that you inflicted,
Just to stay awake for the night.
And not be shaken by liquor.

How happy were you?
With the filthy money rolling in,
That came from dancing and drinking in the night.
Not for the righteousness you had proclaimed.

My little sister said I was her biggest role model- but I am not.

My little sister has love and unconditional support- but I do not.

Pile on more make up,
Show off some skin.
Tell them you're happy,
Pray for your sins.
-Filthy Life