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Friday, June 24, 2011

shannon's bday preperation~!

hiie guyz~another awesome dayy wif my 4th wife~XIN ERN n did our project which shannon n char siew shld do tgt bt they were unable to cum ='( bt hehe haf ernny (xin ern) enough liao lahh~coz we both r the most hyper~ de ^_^ well we did our project awhile  n went to obugis to shop-shop for shannon's bday party~! n osho took our so called wedding pics at neoprint HEHE bo lui mahh >_0 n went to search for cheapp couple tees too~WEE
this r the pics we took...cutee rite?

wee~mee n ernny~
ernny look soo cutee in this pic ^^

 ~ i <3 u~

another cutee pic of us~

 look closely at our shoulders..can u c 2 tags?well..tats mee n ernny;s lovee item~! mann SCH STARTIN SOON~kua kua~ eee y cannot extend more days sia~BLEAHH >_< haizz well tats all for todayy i nid to chiong my HW liao ~sayonara~

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