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Sunday, July 24, 2011


heyy guys sorwwy for nt updatin my bloggs lately..well i was rather bz wif fwenshipp problems..yeapp u heard it rite fwenship problems still occurs on mee even tho at the age of 13..haizz it started wiff a fight wif char siew my 3rd wiffey at TWITTER which lasted a cold war between us for a week n couple of dayys. bt lucky for us we had patch back to nornal .
bt...i tink it ish turnin to mee for i felt tat they r dislikin mee bcoz last week 'sumting' happened which i shall nt mention here bcoz it was a fite between we n t.chers n the nxt dayy t.cher called mee n gave mee a pack of sticky n it was to apologize to us n it was suppoes to b shared arnd.i immediately told ernny n the rest abt it bt she was like 'FAKE FAKE FAKE .dun faker lahh u' its like to mee i felt v unhappee wif it n wads worst?after tat she kept laughin n thought it was an anger i threw it on the floor n the stickies were all crashed into pieces..which stop their laughter. n from there on i felt as if mee n the rest were driftin apart...1 more xample..last friday they were tokin abt goin out which excluded mee shannon was like 'aiya i noe xing zi wan go bt she cmf dunno how go somerset de' heyy do u tink im dump or wad? even if i dunno how to go i noe how to take MRT wad .. dun tink tat tokin bad abt mee i wont react bcoz u guys tink i wont do anyting bt dun gt it wrong~! i do haf feelings n im easily affected my fwenshipp... dun take mee as a idiot or wad3va shitt tat wont cryy or hit back u guyys bcoz 1 dayy if i reli loose my endurance i can reli bring u down.. mayb u guys r even right now readin my blogg bt i wont regret wad3va i wrote n if u tink tat im insultin u i apologize coz im nt
anw these r a few tings i would like to tell them:
shannon: heyy i noe mayb inside our group i go outt the least bt understand this i at leas ain't a idiot hu dunno how to go somerset.
ernny:everytime u gt moody wif ur fwens can u at leat dun make the group feel moody too?idc alrite bt can u at least dun vent ur moody-ness on mee n start callin mee bitch?i goin fustrated over this name u noe tat?
char siew: well we dun haf any grudges anymore bt theres still a slight scar between us..
~for wad3ca i wrote insulted u IM SORWWRY~
n to shannon.ernny n char siew: for wad3va i made u guys resultin our distance n 'war' im terribly sorwwy.
thx for reading to my sorrows n sorwwy for nt havin a 'happee' post this time

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