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Saturday, June 30, 2012

heyy loves ~
soo alrite this post shld be posted on 30 june which ish our shannehhh bday <3 HOHOH soo today aft my usual GB i went to meet shann n ern told mee to prolong the time coz their 'surprise' for shann havent finish ya soo we all finally reach tat time ish arnd 2+ to 3 ? bt yeaa we were actuallyy playin sand when i spotted  siao char bor in a 4 ppl bicycle ridin towars us n im too lazehh to write out the story soo lets allow pics to do it instead ^^

(pics taken by : char dslr ^^ )

yupp tats the 4 wheel bic they were riding ~
yo ~ btw their 'surprise' was a choco cake which
doesnt look veh nice bt OMG the innside likeanice
oni can >///<
the bic ish $40 per hr which ish kinda ex bt the uncle there was kind
n let us ride for a while aft the 1hr ish upp~

zi lian in the bic ~

KEKEKE soo aft ridin bic we all sat down n had our picnic we planned
earlier ~
LALALA our picnic stuff
n yesh i was modellin CHEH ^^

hamster face :3
nt bad huh ? no1 model in singapore xD
hahaha i look as if i saw sum bikini women xD
alrite lets do the puffer fish face ~
expand ~
hoho okok look at those teeth of mine . .
camwhore wif my char xD
crazy pics ~
n look at tat mermaid ern ern SEXXAYE ~
cute lahh 
n they both lie down on the bag n camwhore ~ 
n mee n char went to the sea there play ~
looki LOOKIE ~
CHEH model model xD 
umm a short model i tink :/

omg my lazy bum ern soo cute <3

n the bday gal shannon too <3
HAHAHHA omg look at them ~
#likeascorpio xD
parparazzi ~
n ltr aft the swim . they helped mee to massage/cover my leg with the sands 

mee n susu ~

retarded face #1

retarded face #2 

n this ish mee n ern's bday prezzie for shan ~
inside gt SECRET tings wink* ;D
alrite n endin off wif a grop foto <3

alrite soo when i was doin this bday post for shannon . i realise tat i did nt do any post for char's n ern's bday :O soo i decided to combine char's n ern's bday post tgt wif shanney's ~ okok enjoy ^^
note : accordin to hu's bday cum first ~

alrite soo we did a surprise bday for char n this ish the poster ^^

n yesh we bought for her this bday cake :)

bday gal makin a wish for her 14th bday ~

the 2 gals tat always like to camwhore tgt ~ kekeke

for sum reason . i find char lookin naked in this pic HOHOH
IM WEIRD >///<

hahaha okok gt nth to say anymore for her bday n heres 
oni a few of the pic we took . okok tats all for char's bday post ~

ok soo on our ern ern bday we did nt celebrate at all :( bcoz 'sumtings' happened n yeaaa we didnt reli celebrate >///< bt we did made her a prezzie ~ okok mayb durin holiday we make a re-bday for ern ern n buy her bday cake n stuff to make upp to her or else like reli veh bad lehh :/ alrite soo yeaaa tats all for this post okok i noe this post ish borin soo . . BYE BITCHES ~ xD

pic of post ~ i look like a drunkard xD
sayonara ~

Thursday, June 21, 2012


hey loves ~
soo yeaa sorwwie abt the late post bcoz the actual date of my bday ish 20 june n im like bloggin this 1 day aft . soo anw how was my bday ? goshh . . . ITS SUX ! >:O i didnt had a bday cake neither had i received a  fuckin prezzie >///< yeaaa how ish this a bday u tell mee ? argh im soo angry n i had a big fite wif lao bu n she said ' i wish this day was ur death anniversary ' ohh soo u wan mee to die huh ? wad u tink wad i muz listen to u meh #BITCHPLEASE bt wad3ver today she juz acted like nth happened . luckily tat nite i gt ernnehh to pei mee n chatted wif mee all the way until 5.47am ^^ which reli made mee feel much better <3 alrite so today i went out wif my HANTU <3 i mean WATZHA <3 kekeke n anw this post ish gonna b abt mee n watzha goin to the . . .

awesome or wad ? kekeke tat aunty berlanjah mee go de ^^ n anw heres our crazy pics we took . . . hohoho enjoy ~
yupp tats mee wif my eary morning tired look >_O
HEHEH we were bored n took this pic at the mrt ~
hihi ~
omg i look siao here wif my messy hair >///<
n the whole time my hair was liddat flying arnd . ppl far
far away tink ish hantu ~ 
n this chio pic of this mei nue . . WEE U WEE ~
kekeke my turn to zi lian ~

the tickets ^^
inside the exphibition ~ ^^
the carplate number ish . 7990 . BUY 4D PPL CMF TIO 1 ~

aft the 15+ min of exhibition ~ we went outside n camwhored
wif the poster ^^
the tings inside the exhibition all soo ex 1 >///< soo we came out
empty handed :(
kekeke muscular watzha ~
n ofc muscular mee ~ LOL haha 
camwhore camwhore camwhore 

alrite soo aft camwhorin . we went to shaw tower to makan n headed to j cube to play ^^ sadly my camera batt was running out :( soo i didnt take any pics >///< n n aft a while arnd 7 we headed back home n we 

jang jang ~ crazy hantus NYEHEHE >:D
watzha solo shot ~ 
my solo shot ~
ending wif  a selca ~

alrite soo yeaa tats the end of this post ~ n ohh ohh tmr im goin swimming soo okai shall update abt ur tmr c whether i gt drown annot xD heehee alrite n wif tat
sayonara ~
pic of the post ~ can u c we are eatin cup noodles ^^