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Hey there it's Luna
Well, this is a dark dairy of mine where I pour out my feelings into every word. It's a strange blog but it's probably the best way to convey my feelings without being hurt.
I hope you don't find them too weird and with that, I wish you a fun time reading...

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Thursday, November 10, 2011


hi guyys~
              yea siann lately keep taking care of my sista until veh siann hmpf n osho dunno wad to blogg abt like reli boh ming kia to tok abt bt idw to leave my blogg chao seng ehh >_< haiz neh mind tmr cmf gt tings to tok abt coz tmr goin GB n mee goin vaccinatio aka INJECTION >_< wo bu yaooo n my couzzie tell wo vaccination  veh veh veh veh painful de . . hmpf nuu choice as a shuaii ge muz jian qiang~ cannot b like gu niang liddat scared pain de HAHAHAHA nonsense muchh n ya lahh i tink tats all for todayy n ohh ya btw juz tellin ur for fun . xing ying seems to b gettin better le~ todayy she veh happee n keep wan go off bed to walk walk bt still her temp quite high arnd 38++ degree well at least gt dropp mahh n todayy she smile at mee when she wakey upp cutee muchh ^_^ kekeke tmr i will blogg to tell ur how the injection feels like n if can i will take sum pics of the injection coz i tink my blogg veh siann keep read n read n read de. . n yupp wif tat 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


heyy guys~
                well sorwwy for nt bloggin for the past 2 days ehh hmpf. . my sista - xing ying was down wif fever n guess wad?her temperature was 39.4 degree~ omigoodness soo hott mann >_< hope ish nt i pass to her de xP well tho sumtime i reli hate her for being sooo irritatin lahh (tho i osho) bt i still saranghae her muchh de okay :P soo ish my ze ren as a sista/brotha to take care of her n yeaa tired muchh bt its paid off once u realise tat her temperature drop :') (hmpf i like veh wei da siaa xD hehehe nuu choice at a da jie jie/da kor kor this ish wad i mmuz do) well shant tell u muchh now for i nid to go take care of her n pray hard tat her fever will say buh byee n let her stay strong soo tat i wont haf to take care of her okie?HEHE n wif tat

Sunday, November 6, 2011

a far way happee bday from mee

yo ppl~
            yupp today ish chan chan's bday n like wad i've said at my last post - this post ish gonna b abt her bday .  ofc well aft tat incident which made mee n them bein distanced away , im still gonna wish her a happee bday soo well here it goes. .
          ello chan chan ~ congratz ehh finally 13 le ~ meanin ur growin upp to b more mature n more preety ^_^ well sorwwy for nt postin a happee bday post at ur fb wall instead postin here coz wo scared ltr ni hui shen qi :/ hmpf well osho veh sorwwy for the bitch act of mine which lian lei ur many many trouble. . DUI BU QI~ hmpf soo aiya anw juz happee bday lahh n hope u haf a great bday this year n hopefully i *cross fingers* tat nxt year perhaps, juz perhaps tat i might celebrate it wif u >_< well soo bday wish cmf gt bday song de mahh soo ahem ahem here it goes~

nyehehe hope u dun mind my awful singin n wif tat im gonna end this bday post now to nt interupt u celebratin ur bday :)

Saturday, November 5, 2011

once bitten twice shyyy?

yo ~
       well hmpf upon readin the tittle of todayy's post u might b wonderin
yupp sooo sorwwy ehh bt wont b veh emo de lahh :/ well soo here's wad happen. .
       last nite arnd 9+ i gt the shockest ting in my life mann . .  umm ish 2 person from devil 4 tok to mee at fb (well idw to point outt names bt anw im nt gonna insult ur anyting osho sooo dun worry ) okay gt back to the story , they were tokin to mee well kinda sweeet nt at all angry a least bit ? hmpf well anw im veh glad u (idw say name bt u noe hu u r ) called mee backk honey n nt even mindin mee callin u darling . reli i mean it thank u veh muchh n im osho veh glad tat ur doin fine now ~ tho ofc i hope to b presence during ur holiday days bt i tink i srsly dun haf the rite to do tat anymore. . being able to juz haf a tiny weeny chatt wif u/ur tho there was sum part which had probably made u ngry agn bt i reli cherished tat veh . . n needless to say of my stupidity bithch act tat had therefore cause all this distance n hate between us which had made mee foumd the important-ness n all the more i shld cherished of this cutee fwenshipp. . well tmr will b chanchan bday n i noe its impossible for mee to celebrate it wif her bt i would juz like to sayy a few happee bday words thru my blogg
        heyy umm chan chan : whether or nt if u r readin this now umm i noe u might even dun gif a shitt to wad im gonna sayy bt all i want to sayy ish tat happee bdayy n hope u'll haf a great time n sorwwy for makin ur hate mee soo muchh for the past few dayss be4 sch ends well veh dui bu qi ~ umm i dun tink im gonna wish u happee bdayy at fb for im afraid tat it will make u angry soo if ur readin this now i hope u will ti liang a bit okie? well tmr i'll deffinetely post an official happee bday post for u here at my blogg juz hope u wont mind n yupp tats all i wanna sayy soo umm happee bday
hmpf *emo mode on* well i tink i better shoo off in case i pass my emo-ness to ur n wif tat

Friday, November 4, 2011


heyy ppl~
               kekeke well dunno y juz feel like bloogin hmpf nth do mahh siann well anw todayy aft GB went outt wif pigg pigg wait gt new name for him liaoo PRAWN hahahahahahahah y PRAWN lehh?idw say ;X bleahh shhhh secret kekeke n aft tat his fwen join us n kept hittin his LJ? hahahahahahah ROFL muchh ke liann ehh him lan jiao kenna abused n dunno y he kept singin song to mee LALALALALALA~ (i noe my singin sux bt his was sweeet n nice ;) ) n arnd 4+ went home soo now bloggin lo hmpf another dayy which it kinda remind mee of my old clique which had left mee (devil 4). . dunno how had they been doin now haizzzzz. . bt aiya i tink they're doin fine without mee i guess :/ well dw to tok abt emo stuff lahh hor n siann dunno wad else to sayy liaoo soo muz well juz end here n wif tat