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Well, this is a dark dairy of mine where I pour out my feelings into every word. It's a strange blog but it's probably the best way to convey my feelings without being hurt.
I hope you don't find them too weird and with that, I wish you a fun time reading...

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Friday, November 4, 2011


heyy ppl~
               kekeke well dunno y juz feel like bloogin hmpf nth do mahh siann well anw todayy aft GB went outt wif pigg pigg wait gt new name for him liaoo PRAWN hahahahahahahah y PRAWN lehh?idw say ;X bleahh shhhh secret kekeke n aft tat his fwen join us n kept hittin his LJ? hahahahahahah ROFL muchh ke liann ehh him lan jiao kenna abused n dunno y he kept singin song to mee LALALALALALA~ (i noe my singin sux bt his was sweeet n nice ;) ) n arnd 4+ went home soo now bloggin lo hmpf another dayy which it kinda remind mee of my old clique which had left mee (devil 4). . dunno how had they been doin now haizzzzz. . bt aiya i tink they're doin fine without mee i guess :/ well dw to tok abt emo stuff lahh hor n siann dunno wad else to sayy liaoo soo muz well juz end here n wif tat

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