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Hey there it's Luna
Well, this is a dark dairy of mine where I pour out my feelings into every word. It's a strange blog but it's probably the best way to convey my feelings without being hurt.
I hope you don't find them too weird and with that, I wish you a fun time reading...

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Monday, December 19, 2016

Hurricanes Devils and Drugs

I finally understood why Hurricanes were named after people,
Never ever thought this love would be so regal.

With Heaven cursing from one end of the sky,
Thankful for Devil to sleep by my side.

And yet it never felt like it was ever complete,
A cocktail of Pain, Love, Guilt served with side dish of Greed.

Sadly even alcohol couldn't turn blind to the lies, 
The truth only hurts the souls that breakdown at night.

Given a chance to choose between you and drugs,
I wouldn't hesitate to trip on acid fucks.

Silently wishing you never came back,
My awful heart rather fall in love with crack. 

Drowning myself in this endless sea of pain,
Loving you was so hard I went fucking insane.

While you scolded me for not loving myself,
The irony of an addict who gambles love like wealth

I hated myself for loving a monster who killed me everyday.
Mentally leaving, Physically stayed. 

For the longest time, I wasn't able to love nor feel.
Without you in my life, my happiness were real. 

I fell in love with the Devil himself who fabricated affection in my head,
I thought I finally had what I wanted- no baby this is hell instead.

I told myself to swear my love against the cold brutal arms,
But all I ever got on hand was a love concealed in harm. 

Pieces of me were left scattered on the ground,
Bitterly wasting my life on this merry go round. 

Riding on the carousel like the Grand high alive,
Thorns covered blades on horses - this bitch wouldn't survive. 

For this dubious ache of loving you,
I ripped pieces of me to heal your wounds. 

Loving you was like picking up flowers for my grave.
This love will be the death of me, this heart will rot in dismay. 

wildest wolf

Saturday, November 12, 2016

D the Decoy

"Wish I may, wish I might. Find my one true love tonight. Do you think that it could be you?" - Lana Del Rey

Walking into hell never felt so familiar
Never knew the polaroids will ever turn blur

He gave me a pot of mixed emotions
Pain, love, hurt or past abandon?

A hopeless romantic, a liar of her word
Never wanted to get high on the verge

Just a faint substitute for paying back her soul
Nothing in the world could bring back the 'old

With empty hearts and a vacant body
Should the twins ever be the sin

May her coming days be filled with rain
Let the crack whore's feelings be in vain

As it is written so it must be done
Before you commit please pack up and run

Washing my facade down with every pain
I became the third piece in your game

A recipe to cook a cake for the blame
With equal parts of pleasure and equal parts shame

I emptied my heart with an eye full of rain
The shit in my head is an awful hurricane

Convincing myself that I'm purely insane
Fuck these feelings tearing my sane

Well acquainted with the villains inside me
Baby don't run, you're Joker I'm Harley

Caused you took a bite of the poison apple
 I'll promise you I'm fully at your disposal

So playdate daddy don't be afraid
This fabricated love will never be trade

(Now read from the bottom to the top)

wildest wolf

Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Sixth Station

Waking up to a whole new world,
Was never an easy task.
Trying to recall every single memory,
Hoping these feelings would last.

In a train station within the ocean,
Was where I start my path.
Far beyond from this sedation,
Is where I fell for Lust.

A new name, a new game.
I was rebirth.
With full hate and nasty word,
Is where I lost my First.

I gave my all for everything I had,
And swore to leave someday.
But all that I had ever got on hand,
Was to find myself some way.

Each day fades into hell,
Each pain deeper then the well.
Finally I had reached some level,
To take the shortcut and meet the devil.

Opening the gates to an unending hall,
With broken dreams hanged on every wall.
Yet he turned out to be the perfect man,
A Devil, A Sin, My Awful Resent.

Wildest Wolf

Sunday, October 9, 2016


Today, I just want to cry.
Just let my heart out and deeply sigh.

Under the covers, and fuzzy sheets.
Warm tears running down my cheeks.

Disappointed, Bitter, Down to Grey.
My chest hurt so bad this is fucking cliche.

When I wake up in the morning everything feels the same.
I wished I was a killer to end the game.

Lethargic and Tired, I've slowly become.
Bone dry and dusted slowly into crumbs.

I knew Sex were never loved, to begin with.
I knew Love was never there, to start with.

Silly O' girl the is not bad luck.
Come over baby, a dick for you to suck.

No marks on your body, or bites on your skin.
Will fill my soul or help me win.

Missing my chance, therefore I drink.
Or drinking enough, to miss my sins?

At the end of the day, I'm a hopeless missing piece.
Back to the start, back to Genesis.

Wildest Wolf

A Gemini Confession

Day after day,
My life turning black.
With roses in my arm,
And pain on my back.

A Gemini fate,
Lies between the Twins.
An angel in Heaven,
A devil within.

I acted like it didn't bother me,
But inside I'm falling apart.
Where my Mind is not stable,
My body isn't Art.

Two souls in a vessel,
One head full of sins.
Never should have held back,
The fate of ugly twins.

The irony of the Gemini,
And I wanted one to be the moon.
Who shall dominate the body,
The Devil greets me in Maroon.

The Angel said to be kind,
And I did just that.
The Evil laughed with thousands divine,
I've been stabbed right in the back.

A Harem, A Wilful.
Fucking Gemini.
Couldn't figure herself,
Even in the night sky.

So when the dust come,
And the sun to set.
Just always remember,
To put the twins in bed.

The confession of a Gemini,
And a lady herself.
Apologize for the mistakes,
One had dealt.

Wildest Wolf

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Salt and Sugar

Don't mistake Salt and Sugar,
For spices with no friend.
One is sweet like heaven,
Another is death resent.

Don't believe in fairytales,
Or all the awful endings.
They never taught you how to love,
A crazy human being.

Don't lie to yourself,
That sex equates to love.
Cause baby you know damn well,
That you were just another girl.

Between your legs,
Was a motel for the lonely.
He was just an empty soul,
Looking for a vacant body.

Don't get yourself into a mess,
And believe in half-fuck words.
At the end of the day,
You're the only one getting hurt.

Don't mistake Salt for Sugar,
With Needs and Wants.
I may seem brutal,
But at the end of the day, to hate you, I simply - Can't.
-Salt & Sugar

Wildest Wolf

Sunday, June 12, 2016


Ganja Ganja,
Roll me another.
Pull me a cigarette,
Pour me a secret.

Out a bag cut some slack,
Pass a hint of death regret.
Who cares, who wants this crazy bitch.
No baby, no love just rolling sticks.

Grab a lover for some light,
Hold on darling- its gonna be tight.
Withering away to the soulful night,
Crashing my brain never felt so right.

And there it went, the Hepburn here to kill.
Running images on a spinning wheel.
Fuck Stop, take me away.
Let me die in my horrible dismay.

Another breath and I'm gone,
Another mistake forgone.
Repeating nightmares in broken dream,
The joint will heal my pain but sin.

A sinner may once be a saint,
But the sinner's blood will always remain.
I wrote that last year in 2015,
Up until now I'm still just dying.

But we were born to die,
Don't make me sad, Don't make me cry.
Cause I'm riding on a road like an unsettling cum,
At the end of the day its a Cannabis Numb. 

Wildest Wolf

Friday, May 27, 2016


I've always felt like this,
A strange, dying feeling.
It makes me wanna clench my heart,
And end all fucking feeling.

This stupid weight that I hold,
And a burden over my head.
Fills me with pain daily,
I'll die to kill in bed.

I never choose to walk this road,
But all happiness must end.
Merciless pain along the journey,
Is my way of repent.

It must be easy for you,
For a loving rich daddy.
Who knew I had to worked,
To dig for dirty money.

It must be easier to say,
That I'm the biggest slut in the world.
Too bad I wasn't blessed,
I'm just an abandoned girl.

There goes another day,
Here comes a nasty word.
So what if I'm working for hell,
You never tried kneeling for golden dirt.

Its true we turn a year older each birthday,
Happily wishing to the silly cake.
But its all a shitty joke to me,
For the people I love- they wish I was dead.

So don't tell me to stop being a whore,
Because I can't picture myself any other way.
This wasn't what I planned to live,
Too bad daddy- you buried me  away.

I asked myself crazily,
"What am I supposed to do?".
I pray and ask god daily,
"What did I did to you?".

The thousand likes or complimenting words,
Wouldn't compare to the parental love I yearn.
Even endless friendship that is there for me,
Stand no wall to my family.


Sunday, May 1, 2016


A lost spirit in the shattering world
With empty pennies and a crazy whirl
Grabbing stars to reach the ethereal light
Getting lost alone within the night

I'm walking astray far from my dreams
Just running towards where hard cash will be
Wild trading my skin to get some gold
Who cares if the slut becomes what others told

It wouldn't matter if I was hurt
Nor my feelings that they never heard
Yet sadly the truth is I'm not fine
But it is my fault so I shouldn't whine

"You posted these photos, You worn these clothes"
A whore, A hooker, A Fuck&Throw
Yet theres nothing I could ever say in my appeal
Because running for money is never real

Theres no place for me to write an explanation
Since no one will understand my sad sedation
Yet even here on my fucking little hideaway
There are pieces of me that slowly fades away

Whats the point of composing all these little poem
Why don't you write it straight down out for 'em
Well heaven forbids humans to have grace
He decides that I should be blame

Even if I wrote my heart out
Or cry till the bones go dry
Becuase I took the quick road to fame
"I got it cheap- Hence I'm liable for pain"

I'm done writing for the rest of the night
Just another step to my endless fight
Yet sadly I seek no humanity in my efforts
As I sit back and read the following replies in your words

Wildest Wolf

Monday, February 22, 2016

Filthy life

How does it feel?
To be a slut and not a saint.
Wearing clothes too fucking revealing,
Poring alcohol in your brain.

How did it felt?
Crying deep in the night,
Wrapping your arms around me.
Lying that things are gonna be

How did your body endured?
This undeserving pain that you inflicted,
Just to stay awake for the night.
And not be shaken by liquor.

How happy were you?
With the filthy money rolling in,
That came from dancing and drinking in the night.
Not for the righteousness you had proclaimed.

My little sister said I was her biggest role model- but I am not.

My little sister has love and unconditional support- but I do not.

Pile on more make up,
Show off some skin.
Tell them you're happy,
Pray for your sins.
-Filthy Life

Saturday, January 2, 2016

It's not all that great.

2016 has just started,
Yet I feel like my world is crumbling.

Waking up to bad news everyday,
As if nightmares were reality instead.

I see my goals fading away,
and my dreams falling apart.

Choices were not given to my hands,
But rather force fed into my mouth.

Take this hardship and swallow,
Soon there'll be more to come.

I want to focus on the things that makes me happy,
Sadly Time has stripped and run.

Wishing things to be smooth and well,
Like idiots finding brains.

Running bare with no shame,
This is my 3 months game.

Quietly awaiting another hurricane,
Like damages were not yet done.

Pull through life with strange affairs,
The pain have begun.

What can I say to these questioning people?
Like my life is a mystery.

With long lost belongingness as appetiser,
And premium tears as winery.

All I could ever say is..
It's not all that great.

Wildest Wolf