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Monday, May 27, 2013

Ehhwahh Ehhwahh Ehhwahh

Ehhwahh ehhwahh loves !
hahaha dun mind my retarded intro , keke so i was looking through the photos in my fone and guess what ? i realised i didnt blog about 1 important event which ish my sec 3 camp ! like srsly the most important thing in the secondary life would definitely be the sec 3 camp ! hehe so our camp was at Malaysia , Pahang for 4 days 3 nights . and yesh i missed sgp alot coz for the whole 3 days no twitter no text and sumore no beds ! oni last nite before we head back to sgp den we get to live in chalet keke girls oni , boys had to sufffer in bunks :P hehe
Day 1
the first day we went to climb some stupid mountain which was fucking tiring lahh omg but true enough , the view at the top was A M A Z I N G like i not even kidding feels like heaven and the mission accomplish feeling , shiok ! x) but the eating experience there wasnt good coz a lot of bugs all fly here fly there eee >///< sumore the food sooo less and hungry pigg me didnt had enough to eat ;'( /sobsob/ not to forget i had to bathe in boys toilet hahaha oopsie :B hehe at the campsite , the girls sleep at this field ? but oh my tian , the woodenstairs down the field was so fucking steep and a few steps were broken and also wet tsktsk boh pian , cheapskate sch mahh ~ and and when we were preparing to brush our teeth , i was goin up the stairs and PLOOP one of my slippers fell and dropped down underneath the steps WHUTT WHY AM I SO UNLUCKY T_T but the sleeping part was not bad as i have me sleeping buddies Marsya sayang and Nayli sayang <3 hoho so yea Day 1 wasnt that bad ba , other than the fact i miss my textbuddie alot sigh ;(
Day 2
second day i woke up quite early , dunno why my head just cant stop tinking >///< ohhwell so i quickly got up and do everyting and head to morning exercise . the tourguide was cute as he taught us some songs that was so funny kekeke and yea while we were keeping our tents , i flew up the stairs and search high low for my slippers if not i have to live without slippers for the next 2 days which is a big NONO . i even made an attempt to jump down the ladder and search coz teacher was not willing to help me , tsk bastard sia hmph ! and omg my Hidayah mummy came and helped me and MIRACULOUSLY found my slippers /pray pray/ but it was like at the depth of the bottom and my short ass hand couldnt reach >///< just then out of nowhere she pull out this long branch and hook my slippers out . AND BEHOLD HIDAYAH MUMMY SAVE MY SLIPPERS /bows and worship/ hahah happiness so well our journey continue ~ so we went to some places again but this time we went hiking and walked this high canopy and it was so fun omg i chiong all the way ^^ keke den we went to play the most fun ting ever , RAPID SHOOTING ! basically its like you sit on boat and attack the pasengers on the other boats by splashing and pouring water on them and because my teacher was sitting behind me , I SHALL POUR WATER AND ATTACK HER OSHO nyehehe >;P omg so smartass me literally made her drenched and oh FML she took the pail ? and fucking pour all over me ._. and when we got out of boat , i was literally damn wet from head to toe lahh . but i tink the wettest ish shannon's bag , when she took her bag it was like flooded with water and her iphone drowned uh-oh so i guess she didnt really enjoy that activity coz her fone died afterwards xP so after that i was time for outdoor cooking and yesh once again Hidayah Mummy saved us because she used all the ingredient and made the best fried rice i ever tasted like holy mama it was so good i ate around 3 plates (Y) while the other groups have chaoda rice and uncooked food ! hhahaha so yeah was damn lucky to have her ahh xx and at nite we went to sleep in this cave and have H2H talk with Marsya sayang coz she miss her ahem ~
Day 3
so day 3 nothing much , went to caving and omg totally baad experience coz i was so careless i fell alot of times and injured my legs which hurt like a bitch >///< and after that went cannoe and build our own raft and we have to paddle the raft to travel and omg the pond that we are travelling on was full of leeches , mindfucked . one of my classmate even kept the leeches in the bottle and show it to us and it was so big and long 0_0 (thats what she said ) and yea i guess i developed a lot of muscle because the water current was quite big and i had to exert a lot of force to paddle >< but yeah the best part was at nite coz . . we get to live in CHALET like omg 6 ppl 1 room and the room was big and got 1st floor and 2nd floor 1 sumore there was tv and all but most importantly , theres toilet ! finally after 10 years there a toilet where we dunnid to squeeze with people and can just take our time and bathe , ahh shiok (Y) hehe and the sad life boi sleep in bunks about 20 ppl 1 room ? but they were so cute , they made this harlem shake video xD ohh and we osho had campfire nite which i am proud to say , 3E WON FIRST ehhwahh ehhwahh ehhwahh ~ keke that nite was seriously damn fun and i cant forget and oh ya the girls in my chalet stayed up late and ton with me and we had a great time talking about boys and all , haha girls talk xP so yeah day 3 was the best coz next nite we finally get to go back sg and i was missing my textbuddie alot alot sighpie
Day 4
so the dreaded day finally came and we were all damn happy lah ! so we went back to the custom and we were so lucky coz we managed to meet until some famous football club in singapore at the custom and all the girls went crazy ^^v but sighpie i didnt get to use my fone as it was locked in sch and i borrowed my fwen fone to text my textbuddie and he literally made my day lahh coz omg i didnt knew during the days when i was over at camp , he still continue to send text to me which was so sweet /melts/ hehe and once i reached sch my lao po Jingyi gave me a warm hug to welcome me back and she gave me a mini surprise too ! omg oversweetness lahh why everyone so sweet to me shypie ;P hehe den i quickly got a taxi and went home hehe
so omg this ish one of the longest post i ever type i guess ? hahaha if you really went to read every word i typed den thankiew very much i love you <3 hhahaha so i guess its picture time ? hehe but sorry ahh i didnt have alot of fotos to post since i didnt bring my fone but ohhwell , enjoy ~

so yea i needed accompany at the camp  , so i brought my chip along hehe <3

boo a foto at the mountain and yesh im the one in orange :P
tsk and the stupid photographer decided to take a foto when i wasnt ready bleahh 
yay a cutie pic of us <3

i guess this was my fav foto of all , look at all my pretty girls #wiwit 

another pretty one ;)
SEC 3E <3 i love you all lahh ginas xx
with germaine at the chalet , but yeah my short hands didnt manage to take the full view as we were standing at the stairs :/
we trying to clear all the bubble gums coz we cant bring back to singapore huhu :9
ohh yea and naughty classmate took a foto of me sleepin bleahh :B
miss this babi alot lahh !
keke this was our first foto tgt ;P

hehe so overall sec 3 camp was good ! and to be honest i wish i can go again hehehe . had a great time with all my lovely ginas as they were all so cute and their quotes : MY LIFE MY CHOICE xD awwite thats all for this post , i tink i typoe 1 whole compo out alr wtf kekeke
and with that 
sayonara ~ 
picture of the post
i <3 3Ehhwahh 

Saturday, May 25, 2013

awaiting for holidays

hey darlings ,
so yea , its the end of MYE and i have gotten baack my results and guess what ? I IMPROVED and got 7th place in class ^^ like omg  can you believe it x) heh so this time i only failed 3 subjects by 1 mark which is fml lahh if only i can rewind the time back to exam period and i had been more careful and not have careless mistake , i could have passed all ! T_T but ohhwell ~ im contented with what i have achieved so its awwite :P hehe but sadly my judgemental parents still think its NOT GOOD ENOUGH , yesh not fucking good enough . sighpie bohpian lo despite my vast improvement they still think not good , what to do ? just work harder for CA2 ba :/ however my cutie ahma was happy with my results and understand that i had worked hard for examns , keke lucky i got her if not my life really miserable >///< awwite so yesterday which is 24 May , i was suppose to go outing with swagfamily but the weather was a bitch and it rained so plan cancelled (jeng jeng jeng) . End up i went out and shopped with sharon and had epic moments xD at evening we went to have our haircut and met up with princesley at lyp mac and waited nearly 2 hours for haikal ! MUAHAHA SOMEONE OWE US ICE CREAM >:P so yay swagfamily unite /clapclap/ and we went to subway for dinz before going home hehe . i know lahh my post very boring but too bad , thats the only interesting thing happened to me ! but since exam over le i shall have more time to go out and hopefully got more outings to write ? THE LIFE OF CAVEMAN XINGZI ~ awwite so sharon is going off for her sec 3 camp and osho her England trip which i find it damn cool lahh , like omg go ang mor country lehh i jelly ! sighpie gonna miss her alot :( hehehe nothing much to write already since i am really not a great blogger who has alot of shit to write >///<
when boredom strikes keke 
new hair and im proud of my not-bad-looking fringe whih i cut myself  :P
lame ass xingzi playing with her foodie /facepalm/

#ootd that nite
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and with that ,
sayonara ~

Friday, May 17, 2013

50 scoops of red velevt

heyy my lovely readers ,
ok so let me guess , you guys are probably wondering : 'XINGZI ! WHY YOU CHANGE YOUR BLOG NAME ? :O ' hahah sorry guys for changing my blog address i just think that its time for a change . like i mean the previous one ' sayonara-myjangsikkoli ' is actually the tranlsation of my ex name , the 1 i couldnt get over when i first started blogging so . . yesh . i have gotten over him so i guess leaving his name as my blog address is pretty ironic ? haha and also this way its easier to type my blog name ( coz i know how irritating it could get ) ok so let me just introduce my new address , its actually '50 scoops of red velvet' and the reason why i chose this is pretty obvious isnt it ? I LOVE RED VELVET <3 and also I LOVE 50 SHADES OF GREY <3 like i mean seriously go read it if you havent coz that book is awesome , like it literally made me teared :'( hehe okok so lets just start with my happenings okie ?

so the dreaded MYE finally ended YAY /pop champagne/ but sighpie , have been suffering with loneliness and have not gone out or anyting OHHWELL . also sister was down with fever so i have to take care of her cheyy #goodsister98 and to top of that , me and ahem have not really been talking , and relationship gotten sour due to some reason :'( sighpie instead of having fun celebrating the end of MYE im like staying home rotting away and feeling empty hearted . </3 but its ok , things get better , I HOPE . but i totally have no confidence for mye like seriously if i can pass 1 subject i can fly to moon already moooo but /cross finger/ i still hope the examiner pajiao den mark wrongly so i can have higher marks ? hehe also i really just wanna take this moment to thank you , yesh you whoever you are reading this fucking blog coz lately i recieve messages from some lovely readers who enjoys reading my blog post and they encourage me to blog often so whoever you are mua xx i love you <3 so awwite nothing much for me to type already , too depressed . hopefully my next post would be a happy post ? hehe

this was taken in school by me :)
pic of the post : new header and new twitcon <3
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and with that ,
sayonara ~