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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

| s u m m e r t i m e s a d n e s s |

hey hey 
yeah its june already i know and to be honest , this blog tittle is a lil ironic isn't it ? Sinagpore is always summer all year round not like other countries where they experience 4 seasons hmph not fair ! :( Ohwell back to the post so yup its june which means im having ma holidays but guys trust me as a Secondary 4 student in Singapore your 'holiday' is basically normal school days with lesse school hour and more class break thats all . NO HOLIDAY /cries/ this life is so bad i know as compared to other less developed countries , we should be grateful for the education we received and the environment we live but sometimes the demands from the education system is absurb . seriously i can make an entire blogpost regarding that issue but i shall not because
1)Its gonna be boring and you guys won't spend your time reading about it 
and the most important factor of all....

A little update
Well jokes aside , this time I did damn badly for my MidYearExam like literally scored 33 for L1R4 which is like so bad omg . I scored a total of 5 F9s and 2B3s yeap no shame really no shame at all. Comparing to my results last year the difference is really damn big gosh how can I be so dumb . Well nevermind , i have give up on education anyway im just too tired to go on anymore i don't minf living poor and broke really im just so done .

Well today i decided to take a break and stay over at cousin's house , it wasnt crazily fun but it was really relaxing . Talked with cousin - Huiqing and it was good . So tired from this busy life and I really missed my laid back days when i was a kiddo , things were good and i had nothing to worry about .there was no dramas or stresses , and no judgmental bitches ,everything was cool . Ofcourse im grown up now,gotta face the world but im really not prepared . Sigh can I ever stop being childish ? Im afriad i will stay like this forever . Councillor Eillen said this attitude build up with me when i was a kid due to disappointments or whatsoever but really i don't care .
I just want to be me , a happy me.

hehe after shower , happy sheep is happy 

i like ma korean sheep towel cap hahah 

that gurl was sleepin on top

midnight selfie 


rawrrrr >:O

ignore ma face please >///<

yes yes it my naked face please dont judge 

hehe my lil dolphin <3


You bette watchout , he's starring into your soul 

and ohyeah had my supper 

Went to Changi airport the next day to fetch her sis 


Aston for dinner 
alright nothing more to blog le , shall blog real soon once i go out with friends hehe please continue reading don't fly off , ill be back with another post real soon
and with that

Picture of the post : just that little girl 

i bet no one reads to the end and im probably talking to myself ,thats alright im fine like that .