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Thursday, May 24, 2012


heyy peeps ~
                     alrite soo . .  ITS GONNA B A NITE TO REMEMBER ~ kekekke n nope its nt abt cong ge :P aiyo muz all of my post be abt him mehh :B okok soo its actually a nite over at ERNNEHH house ~ omg it was soo fun n awesome ^^ btw for this post i aint gonna type out the happening's bt instead let the pics do the job . bin tua ~ bt ehh this time gt 30++ pic lehh x) alrite its pic pic time ~ all the pics were taken by char siew ^^

havin our lunch at SEOUL GARDEN ~ cheh high class ehh ? ^^
mee n char at seoul garden ~
wad we ate ~ YUMMY :9
wads the best exercise aft a gd lunch ? CAMWHORING ~ :D
hahahhaah omg this gal cute lahh <3
in the lift ~ our 1st group pic ^^ HEEHEE
2nd grop pic ~ :D
n yesh we went to take neon prints ~
decorating ~
ohh ya did i mention ? i was in love wif char siew 's dippdyed
pants . MAD LOVE X_X
ok soo couple pic of N n S = NS ~
n L + B = LB ~ 
*drum roll * we r the LSBN ^^ 
kekekkek JOKE ~ alrite soo we board upp the buss n our
was busy helpin shann to re-tie her hair ~
                                                                          n the outcomee ?
okok soo havin chio hair . its time to camwhore agn ^^
SNAP ! a surprise pic kekeke :B
bugis . ernnehh wore my cute n sexxaye couple hat xD
CUTE ~ !
yupp another unpepared pic hehe bt this 1 looks nice tho ^^
nxt destination . orchard central .
this gal wanted to buy her baggu bag n we went arnd to find  her desirable
colour . wonderin wad she's doin ? well its a all new JYP inspired
上学去 n omg it was soo joke xD

n ya . . u can understand the hyperness ehh xD 
alrite a couple pic of L + S = LS ~ 

ohh ya the 3 babes bought earings n this ish char's 
ok i have nuu idear where's shann's coz i couldnt find it >///<
  last group foto of the day ~
alrite soo here's my hair . nice annot ? ernnehh  help mee tie de lehh CHEH ~ :D
sadly . char's DSLR nuu batt n we stoped taking pics . aft a few more rounds of shoppong we parted :(
wif char joinin mee n ernnehh to take buss all the way back to bedok we . . 

                                                   CAMWHORED AGN xD 
                                                               well bus rides r made for camwhorin de ok :B

OHH WAIT WAIT this 1 den ish last grp pic >///< psps :B
lalala ~ zi lian zi lian zi lian ~
camwhored wif char fone instead kekeke ~
fringe upp ppl ~ xD
combined our individual camwhore ^^

cute or wad ? xD

                                                okok tats the end of the post . there's still gt alot bt im too lazehh to download all soo yeaa psps ehh >///< btw juz wanna update wif u guys wif my MYE result well . . i gt 5 subject fail n 2nd last in clazz ohh n n IM 118/120 IN THE EXPRESS LEVEL . how awesome . tsk . gonna study hard for EOY n get gd results alrite ?
sayonara ~ 

pic of the post ~ omg im lovin this pic ^^