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Saturday, February 23, 2013

hello 2013

hello my fellow readers ,
yesh yesh i noe it has been a century since i had blogged bt pwease bear wif me , im reli busy wif school work and cca so yea no time to blog . so awwite whr shld i start ? new year resolution or my happenings ? u now wad im juz gonna start by sayin HAPPEE NEW YEAR ! MAY THE ODDS BE EVER IN YOUR FAVOUR ^^ hehe i juz cant forget abt hunger games /sigh/ such a nice movie :B anw i shall juz type what ever i feel like over here ok ? :P

new year resolution
awwite so for new year resolution this year im gonna aim to improve in my studies . ok i noe i had flunk my studies last yr so this year goodgal xingzi ish cummin back weee ~ ofc talkin is cheap , so im gonna prove it by workin hard ! hehe honestly i dunno y i had bcam so MOTIVATED . its like theres a rush in me to strive and study hard . perhaps i had bang my head n my brain bcum sot sot idk bt yesh ill try my best to change , for the better .

so moving on ...

ok so i mentioned tat ive been busy lately wif studies n cca so i reli haf no time for relationship . . RELI NO JOKE . i noe i haf nt been in a relationship for abt a year (shocking sia i didnt noe my loneliness lasted this long) bt yea it did . so this year idk im juz nt into BGF anymore , to me its like playin wif fire . when everything goes right , ull have thrill , fun and happiness . bt when tings goes wrong , ull get burn , hurt , pain and even scars . so honestly i haf no intention to play wif fire anymore , noeing that all i ever get in the end ish     nightmares of pain , so nahh no intention for tat

haha y did i even include this in my post ? im juz a poor bitch that had been scrimpin n saving on every little ting tat i can . bt my ang pao money this year has increased by a few hundred ? soo yay celebrate /pops champaign/ okok nth else to add here soo . . .NEXT !

hehe since im a sec 3 now , ive been posted to a new class which is /drums roll/ 3E ! ^^
haha the best n most awesome n cute n fun n lovable n enjoyable n n n juz so glad tat im here :) so new class new classmates n yesh once agn LSBN ish still tgt in the same class bt ohh well im nt gonna let tat affect me . so BFF ? fuck it . as i slowly grow up , i realise the word forever ish a total lie . nth , i repeat NTH , last . nt a single shit . especially happiness , its juz a short term contract . so yea fwens come and go , oni the 1 tats is faithful will stay . so im juz gonna b contented of the fwenship i haf now n try hard nt to fuck tings up awwite ?


so yea i am officially out of probation so im free alr n yesh ive been lonely , reli lonely . bt sumhow being lonely aint tat bad at all . it actually gifs me time to tink n reflect on many tings tat had happened . ofc i dun enjoy being alone either , i mean seriously hu likes it ? i feel jealous whenever i c ppl hu always r surrounded wif fwens , lookin at them laughin n spendin time tgt reli makes me feel . . . insecure . n i reli dunno how to xplain this feelin either , it makes me feel weak , unprotected and fragile ? i dunno i tink im crazy keke . bt yesh tats how i feel myself lately . /sigh/

n osho sorry for makin this post a little emo ? yea ill try to make a happee post for u guys nxt time /pinky promise/

my OOTD for chinese new year :)
and wif tat 
sayonara ~