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Hey there it's Luna
Well, this is a dark dairy of mine where I pour out my feelings into every word. It's a strange blog but it's probably the best way to convey my feelings without being hurt.
I hope you don't find them too weird and with that, I wish you a fun time reading...

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Monday, February 20, 2017

The second best of everything.

Have you seen Alice lately?
I think she might have gone mad.
She baked her heart for valentine,
And talks to bunnies instead.

She threw herself into the groovy hole,
And made a silent deal with the Reaper.
Oh dear Oh dear my sweetest child,
It's too late now to stop her.

A bittersweet twinkle for the lady,
Is a thousand years of redemption.
Yet she knew it all too well for her happiness,
To hold the hands of a gregarious.

Now Now Darlings,
Don't shed a tear for this bitch.
A rotten heart for a Brooklyn boy,
Was just a Succubus's wish.

Haven't you heard about her lately?
She stripped for a couple coins.
Now Hatter couldn't love her back anymore,
The biggest blame was Choice.

Oh, how the tables have turned away.
Didn't life play itself on you?
Drink the bottles and grow high in love,
Eat the drugs that felt so undeserved.

The cruel intentions and a world full of lying souls.
"Which way I ought to go from here?"
It doesn't matter which path you took,
Somewhere, Anywhere  not here.

Alice my dear,
You don't have to fall into madness.
To sin for all the crimes in the world,
Just because you couldn't be Mad's favorite.

The Queen smoked a pot full of Blame,
Her Empress's cried for your shame.
Had she held your hands tighter Alice,
Would none of this foolish dream ever became?

It's perhaps time,
For her to leave this cunning game.
Shedding her last bit of despair,
A skinny love that was never proclaimed.

This lingering feeling in her head,
Was a dreadful ghost in her heart.
There's no soul to love you back,
Farewell now Wonderland,
She has finally given up.

Waking up from the Hallucinations,
Like everything was just a Psychedelic Sedation.
He took part of her soul away,
But removed half the pain as well.
Now everything seems to work hand in hand,
Why the fuck did Alice ever Dwell?

Hatter wasn't the epitome of perfect,
Nor one who repents for his sins.
But the worst feeling in the entire universe,
Is being the second best of everything.

— The second best of everything

With Love,
Wildest Wolf

Monday, December 19, 2016

Hurricanes Devils and Drugs

I finally understood why Hurricanes were named after people,
Never ever thought this love would be so regal.

With Heaven cursing from one end of the sky,
Thankful for Devil to sleep by my side.

And yet it never felt like it was ever complete,
A cocktail of Pain, Love, Guilt served with side dish of Greed.

Sadly even alcohol couldn't turn blind to the lies, 
The truth only hurts the souls that breakdown at night.

Given a chance to choose between you and drugs,
I wouldn't hesitate to trip on acid fucks.

Silently wishing you never came back,
My awful heart rather fall in love with crack. 

Drowning myself in this endless sea of pain,
Loving you was so hard I went fucking insane.

While you scolded me for not loving myself,
The irony of an addict who gambles love like wealth

I hated myself for loving a monster who killed me everyday.
Mentally leaving, Physically stayed. 

For the longest time, I wasn't able to love nor feel.
Without you in my life, my happiness were real. 

I fell in love with the Devil himself who fabricated affection in my head,
I thought I finally had what I wanted- no baby this is hell instead.

I told myself to swear my love against the cold brutal arms,
But all I ever got on hand was a love concealed in harm. 

Pieces of me were left scattered on the ground,
Bitterly wasting my life on this merry go round. 

Riding on the carousel like the Grand high alive,
Thorns covered blades on horses - this bitch wouldn't survive. 

For this dubious ache of loving you,
I ripped pieces of me to heal your wounds. 

Loving you was like picking up flowers for my grave.
This love will be the death of me, this heart will rot in dismay. 

wildest wolf

Saturday, November 12, 2016

D the Decoy

"Wish I may, wish I might. Find my one true love tonight. Do you think that it could be you?" - Lana Del Rey

Walking into hell never felt so familiar
Never knew the polaroids will ever turn blur

He gave me a pot of mixed emotions
Pain, love, hurt or past abandon?

A hopeless romantic, a liar of her word
Never wanted to get high on the verge

Just a faint substitute for paying back her soul
Nothing in the world could bring back the 'old

With empty hearts and a vacant body
Should the twins ever be the sin

May her coming days be filled with rain
Let the crack whore's feelings be in vain

As it is written so it must be done
Before you commit please pack up and run

Washing my facade down with every pain
I became the third piece in your game

A recipe to cook a cake for the blame
With equal parts of pleasure and equal parts shame

I emptied my heart with an eye full of rain
The shit in my head is an awful hurricane

Convincing myself that I'm purely insane
Fuck these feelings tearing my sane

Well acquainted with the villains inside me
Baby don't run, you're Joker I'm Harley

Caused you took a bite of the poison apple
 I'll promise you I'm fully at your disposal

So playdate daddy don't be afraid
This fabricated love will never be trade

(Now read from the bottom to the top)

wildest wolf