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Monday, June 20, 2011

my actual Bday~^^ (part 2)

this ishh the big big bday card shannon was holding

  this ishh another bday cakee my celebrated wif my parents
this ish their bday prezzie for mee ^_^

YAY its 20 june my bday~well i was suppose to meet my 3 wiveS at 12.30 bt i woke upp at 12 wif a shock~hahas too sleepy le mahh~ XD lucky my 3rd wife (CHAR SIEW) tell mee tat i can take my time bt sia~hehe in the end oni latee a little bit phew~lucky sia bt when i reach there oni char siew over there coz xin ern cant cum n shannon overslept (srsly tat time my mood ani't gd =( ) n we went up to the tampinese 1 rooftop n eat sushi.ltr char siew say tat she nid go toilet n guess wad?when she came back xin ern was holdin on a bday cake n shannon was holdin on a big big bday card~mann todayy was totally awesome n its 1 of my best day evar (excludin the part when shannon bash mee wif the bday cake) haha n i promised u to pt up pics for u guyz to c rite? tadaa~

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