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Thursday, May 15, 2014


Hey unicorns !
So sorry i had not been blogging for 29 years , was really packed with schools and too lazy to update my blog
but alright looking at the blog tittle i think you guys can guess whats this post gonna be about?
/drums roll/ MY NEW RELATIONSHIP ♥
Heeheheh pretty shocked huh ? Yes its on 22 Marxhl so its been more than a month now and have i ever mentioned that i have never celebrated monthsary before ? So this amazing-sexy--smokinng-hot-and-extremely-cute  guy called Shawn Tan is currently my boyfriend hehehe (I'm smiling like an idiot)
Ahem so lets begin with our lover story shall we ?
Once upon a time , 2 years ago, in an oddly crazy world lived a guy called Shawn live near my house . At that time i was only 14 and i started this blogshop business with XinErn selling contact lens .Her job was to make deals and take order while mine was to meet up with customers to pass them lens . So it happened that one day i had to pass contact lens to this girl who had something caught up and ask her firend - Shawn to meet me for lens . Alright first thing let me put this straight ,, she did not inform me that the friend was a guy and secondly i had no idear who i was meeting . OK back to the story // so at the mcdonald near my house , we agreed to meet each other there . At that time there was a lot of people and i was too paiseh to walk up front and approach people . Suddenly , out of a unicorn fart , this cute guy wearing lollipop shirt walked pass me and i kept looking at him coz he was OH SO CUTE ♥ so after much texting i realised the person I'm suppose to meet is him (i literally struck 4D) and when i finally bring out my manliness to approach him , he said :'Is you ah ? Wa lao why take so long ?' in a super angry manner and shyzi was afraid of him >////< i quickly pass him the lens and ran back to my seat . Later i saw him walking pass again and i was like mesmerizing him ♥♥♥
I swear things couldn't get any better for me , the next day I saw him at Diaso OMG i seriously think we were fated :9 He followed my Twitter , Fcebook and Instagram account through his friend Clarence who was in the same school as me ^^ I started my ultimate stalking on him and he kinda stalk me a lil too xD  however neither of us went to chat with each other and memories faded ...
Two years flew past . This year , while i was with my couzins at the supermarket near my house , i met him again ♥ and after that i thick-skinly replied to his tweet heheh until one day , he finally dmed me and asked for my number FINALLY GUYS FINALLY
yeap so thats how we met each other and after that into a relationship ♥
this is my first ever photo with him ♥

while we were at the basketball cout 

oh gosh look at my perfect hair ♥
First insta post 

watching divergent 

his favourite pizza 
i look damn cui 



Have i mention that he always pick me up after school ? ♥
Movie date with love 

hahaha dont ask me what im thinking 


pinch pinch ♥

The amazing spiderman 

couple watch ♥

ahem ahem 

I put makeup on my pretty boy's face 
yeap look at his beautiful black hair which was done by me

Are you ready for his hilarious sneak photos ?

I think its illegal to have such perfect hair even when he sleeps 
Princess shawn is doing his beauty mask 

hahaha he wore my Taekwondo Gi 

Alright thats all for photos
Throughout this 56 days together , we experienced lots of happiness , laughter as well as tears . I can't guarantee a happy relationship but i can promise you I'll do my best . I'm not the best girlfriend in the world but to me you're definitely the best guy on earth . Im sorry for all the tears,hurt and pain i had cause on you and im pretty sure there'll be more in future, but one thing im sure is all these sacrifices will be worthwhile . I love you , is there any word for me to describe the greatness of my love ? Im willing to change all my flaws for this relationship and i truly hope this relationship will last just like a tattoo - permanent not temporary . Lets work hard babe , although it isn't going to be easy but we will make it all work . Many things will get in our way and separate us but we wont concede defeat . Please wait for me , to give you all my time in this world. i want to spend my time with you and be with you 24/7 . No interactions with dudes even if they are my love ones . 220314 is definitely the best day in my life and i will never regret , i love you bae thanks for everything you've done , i love you ... to the moon and back ♥
Goodnight texts ♥

Picture Of The Post : Wake up next to you ♥
and with that