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Hey there it's Luna
Well, this is a dark dairy of mine where I pour out my feelings into every word. It's a strange blog but it's probably the best way to convey my feelings without being hurt.
I hope you don't find them too weird and with that, I wish you a fun time reading...

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Friday, June 24, 2011

shannon's bday preperation~!

hiie guyz~another awesome dayy wif my 4th wife~XIN ERN n did our project which shannon n char siew shld do tgt bt they were unable to cum ='( bt hehe haf ernny (xin ern) enough liao lahh~coz we both r the most hyper~ de ^_^ well we did our project awhile  n went to obugis to shop-shop for shannon's bday party~! n osho took our so called wedding pics at neoprint HEHE bo lui mahh >_0 n went to search for cheapp couple tees too~WEE
this r the pics we took...cutee rite?

wee~mee n ernny~
ernny look soo cutee in this pic ^^

 ~ i <3 u~

another cutee pic of us~

 look closely at our shoulders..can u c 2 tags?well..tats mee n ernny;s lovee item~! mann SCH STARTIN SOON~kua kua~ eee y cannot extend more days sia~BLEAHH >_< haizz well tats all for todayy i nid to chiong my HW liao ~sayonara~

Monday, June 20, 2011

my actual Bday~^^ (part 2)

this ishh the big big bday card shannon was holding

  this ishh another bday cakee my celebrated wif my parents
this ish their bday prezzie for mee ^_^

YAY its 20 june my bday~well i was suppose to meet my 3 wiveS at 12.30 bt i woke upp at 12 wif a shock~hahas too sleepy le mahh~ XD lucky my 3rd wife (CHAR SIEW) tell mee tat i can take my time bt sia~hehe in the end oni latee a little bit phew~lucky sia bt when i reach there oni char siew over there coz xin ern cant cum n shannon overslept (srsly tat time my mood ani't gd =( ) n we went up to the tampinese 1 rooftop n eat sushi.ltr char siew say tat she nid go toilet n guess wad?when she came back xin ern was holdin on a bday cake n shannon was holdin on a big big bday card~mann todayy was totally awesome n its 1 of my best day evar (excludin the part when shannon bash mee wif the bday cake) haha n i promised u to pt up pics for u guyz to c rite? tadaa~

Sunday, June 19, 2011

My bday~! (part 1)

ello~! sorwwy uhh ytd didnt update my blogg coz i went to my aunt's house to celebrate my early bday~yay! bt wa lao her house all the wayy at woodlands siaa~soo farr mann >_< lucky my lao bu drive mee or else i nid abt  2 hr sia!hehe had delicious barbeque food at her house n collected many many hong pao ^^ all tgt 5 hong pao bt gt $500 sia~woohoo~can go shoppin liao ^^ well tats all for today i'll tell u more tmr bcoz tmr ish 20 June which ish my ~ACTUAL BDAY~ n my 2nd.3rd & 4th wifee gonna celebrate for mee (1st wifee nvr coz gt campin) hehe (if u wan noe hu ish my wiffes all tgt go c my 1st post) n i promise i will put pics upp to show u guyz..n yupp tats all todayy sayonara~

Thursday, June 16, 2011

my absence in blogg

hello~psps uhh...lately veri bz wif?STUDYIN!haizz >< studyin sux mann i hatee studyin bt nuu choice nid to act yi ke guai kia den my lao bu will lett mee go out coz idw to kenna stuck at couzin house anymoree mann >_< well soo for the past few days i had been goin to the elias cc there study...aka use internet time.waa lucky there gt wifi mann or else i will reli bored to death well aft this week i can PARTY le ~YAY~ hahas well tats all for today..sayonara

Sunday, June 12, 2011


ello!~haiz another siann dayy coz my lao bu nuu lett mee goo outt T_T bt lucky gt my ernny~ to entertain mee or else i'll rott here at homee...hahas i was watchin snsd live at paris juz now n my yoona was...FUCKIN CUTEE ^^ my top 4 bias ish:YOONA.JESSICA.YURI.SUNNY.^^ they are supar kawaii n chio mann~well tats all for todayy.sayonara~

Saturday, June 11, 2011

zzz im a sleepy pigg XD

haizz...MORNNIN!wait i meant gd aftnoon hahas :) dunno y today *yawn* soo sleepy coz i wokee up at 3.15 veri li hai horr?hahas skipped my breakfast n has 2 tubb of my fav hagendaz strawberry ice cream for lunch wee~ n for dinner went to foodcourt at CS n bought a hott pants n skinny jeans n ish damn cheap at giordano. happy muchh =). well tats all for todayy sayonara~

Sunday, June 5, 2011

ME :)

HIIES~im xing zi n i've juz started my bloggg :)
n startin from now i'll try my best to update my happenings each if i cant den psps uhh...>_<

juz to lett u noe abt mee i haf 4 wife's (heheh)
the first 1 ish sharon...chio horr?i noe her since P5 n yupp i lovee her best ^_^
the second 1 ish shannon...hahas idk y all name start wif SHA de all chio horr?hahas n i knew her this year oni    still...i SARANGHAE herr muchh
the third 1 ish charmiane...aka char siew..hehe both name + person oshho verii KAWAII n chioo~
the forth 1 ish mee sms wiff the most its...*drums roll*...XIN ERN! verii cutee horr?n horny osho =)