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Friday, July 18, 2014


Today let me share with you a story…
13 July 18
Today a lilttle girl broke down during English lessons .The teacher was talking to them about the essay "Wolf" and all the memories hit her like a tidal waves . Israel was sitting on her right and at first he thought she was sleeping so he nudge her to wake up , to only realize that she was actually crying . Lessons was still on and this girl was there , sitting with her head down and tears dripping down her face. Nobody knew she was crying because she kept her crying to a faint silence and the only one to realize was israel. He knew that she didn't want to let people know so he pass her a notebook with a tissue hid inside . And when the bell rang , she stood up ,thank him and went happily to her friends joining them for reccess. Nobody knew that a few minutes ago , she the happy girl , was crying because she remembered the happy times she had with the man of her life and she couldn't help but hate herself for pushing him away…
The dreaded school finally ended
She walk out of school with tears in her eyes , staring at the gates that was filled with memories . She took the same bus , sit at their usual spot and hold her tears. When she reached , she went to the pharmacy and bought panaldol pills . She made her way up to His house and called him a few times staying outside the doors for 15 mins. She prepared the worst and went into his house ,when she reach his room door she close her eyes and count to 10 , creaking the door knob and pushing the door a lil… and saw him lying there with an adorable and ever so familiar face sleeping peacefully. She smile at that sight and it was a sight she would never forget . She touch him and realize how hot he was , burning with fever . Using a damp towel wrapped with ice , she slowly iced him slowly and gently just like how he did to her before :')
She did that for the next 2 hours and once in a while tears will fall from her eyes as the memories run through her mind . A few time she tought "Maybe he's awake just that he don't want to wake up to face her… " she was right . At the end , she wrote at the panaldo 'Eat 2 tablets each time ' and gave a chaste kiss on his cheeks and left .
That lil girl cried when she got home but she was still satisfied with her efforts because his fever finally went down.
That night the girl texted him and they both chatted happily as a friend .
That girl , was me .

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