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Well, this is a dark dairy of mine where I pour out my feelings into every word. It's a strange blog but it's probably the best way to convey my feelings without being hurt.
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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Scar II

This is the post where I'm gonna reveal the secret behind my scar.

Half year passed since the day I've seen light,

to start a new chapter in my life.

For Once upon a time is a blessful heading,

my story is one with tears and sufferings.

Countless visits to the doctors were made,

for a newborn child meeting her fate.

"Please doctor help save her" were words that mother said,

but they turn their backs and shook their head.

1999 January 1st was a day to welcome a new year,

for me it was one with blood and tear.

In an operation room with surgical gloves,

and nothing but death to end my world.

Its a pity they said , so young to just die,

Ive not reach a year old yet, is it alright?

The demons ate my appendix,

they swallowed 1/3 of my intestine.

Am I still a human?

rare illness they said,


2 operations gave me back my life,

to live the life I was supposed to find.

I woke and had an ugly scar on me ever since,

I hate it but without it I wouldn't live.

This is the story of an unfateful girl,

I'll leave the story end till here.

But now I've had it covered up,

with a lily I call "Mom.."

Without her I would not have come this far,

so I tattooed it right on my surgical scar.

*My Appendix burst and the doctors did not have any valid explanations. A rare phenomenon and a deadly tragic. It happened 16 years ago and I was only six months old , they operate away my appendix and 1/3 of my intestines because they were infected. Leaving 2 scars - a big one across my body and a smaller one just on the lily.

This scar dawned over my life for 16 years.

It's not the prettiest, but to me it was life.

Wildest wolf


  1. you have no idea how beautiful you are, youre strong and youre tough. dont let anyone tell you otherwise and just wanted u to know, that you dont have to escape from everything. you dont have to do this alone. everyone is fighting their own battles. stop seeking temporary solace from things that wouldnt last. treasure your family and spend time with them while theyre still here. youre beautiful, be strong even if you dont want to, and dont forget to love yourself no matter what.
    just a random stranger passing by ~

  2. Your blog, is just amazing to the feels :3 i cant believe such a deep personality exists within such beautiful eyes, its almost like u got the best of both worlds :) keep it up, the scar is not ugly, it shows how ur a fighter not a quitter <3


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