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Friday, September 26, 2014

Fated pain

This happened on 21 September 2014 , Sunday . 

That night was chilly , and as usual I tried sneaking out to meet Shawn .Wearing his sweater , I set off into the night to meet him .  But sadly I got caught by my mother and she persuaded me not to . So there I was with my mom , standing by the gates of the door , me crying pleading her to let me out into the night and she grabbing me to stay . We talked , I cried , washing out my feelings and thoughts about the house - this family . I told her I resented staying in the house while my heart was tearing and that my heart seek for the wild night to pass the soulful hours . She gave in , and I promised her I'll be home by daylight before I quickly flew out to grab the lift . Just when I was about to reach the lift , the lift pop opened itself. It was pitch dark as the light wasn't working and I was holding back , contemplating to take the stairs . I took a step back but realise a person was in there , a person with a familiar face ... It was Shawn .
He saw me crying and was shocked . Wiping my tears with his sweater , I pushed him into the lift and hit "1" . In the lift he asked me what's wrong but I just kept weeping . When we walked out , I broke the entire situation to him pieces by pieces with pauses in between while I cry . He stopped walking and pull me into his arms and I cried in his chest , i never felt heaven this close to me before .
Went to his house and stayed for the night , the whole scene kept playing in my head and I kept wondering if it was fate that brought Shawn there ? I don't know , my mind is a whirlpool and I'm stuck drowning in the sea . I believe that everything is in God's plan , and that whatever happens will lead to the way how he wrote my destiny. I love Shawn and that night was a truly painful yet fated night for me , and I really hope that somewhere in the corner where my fate lies in God's hand , I will find Shawn there . 

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