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Friday, August 1, 2014


Last night I cry while praying to have Shawn back . I fell asleep with my hands clasped in prayer and my phone's vibration woke me up .
Shawn rted my tweet
I can't tell you how idiot I was, although it was just purely a rt , it made me really happy inside.
This morning miracle appeared. I drag my dead lifeless body to school and when I was about to fall asleep, Shawn texted me.
Butterflies fluttered around in my tummy and I could feel as if it was going to explode. He told me not to be sad and that I will have a great day . I cried and I asked him if he would mind staying up a lil while to chat with me .
He said "Anytime woman"
We talked mostly about his problems and that how difficult his life was .As we talked ,he even send me a photo of him saying that it will make me feel happy .
It really did :)
We talked and out of the blue he mentioned about me finding guys . And I replied
"Its my decision to move on"
I can't tell you how much I hate myself after realizing that what I've typed might mistaken him . I really didn't realize until I re-read our entire conversation for the 6th time.
Omg Shawn please don't ever think that I'll move on from you because I can swear to you - I won't.
He said "New ones come , some old ones stays" and  asked "Are you staying? "
I wish I never left you in the first place Shawn , I'm so sorry .
Told him I'll stay but he added that I'll only stay for a while . Idiot, why can't you just understand that I'm never leaving ever again..?
In class Germaine wrote a song all by herself called "Why won't you remember " and it made me cry . That girl gave me a hug but I know all I need now is Shawn .
Shawn I'm sorry , I really hope you'll figure out your life and please remember I'm still here , staying…

He said I could edit the photo but you 
know what ? I prefer it the way it is 
-Simple , original and just him ❤

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