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Monday, August 4, 2014


Last night , Shawn tweeted about how much he miss "her" and that he regreted all blah blah blah . But what's on my mind the entire night was who is "her"..?
Couldn't sleep and my headache was hurting badly , my mind just couldn't stop thinking whoever this her is . And I came to a conclusion, its his prev ex…
It hurt , badly. Knowing that he doesn't want me instead he wants back his previous ex . Ofcourse I ain't sure whether she IS "her" or not but guessing from the angle I'm looking - she fits the picture perfectly…

If only I could be "her"…

I know I ain't , and I'm not putting ny hopes anywhere. If only he didn't love another but love me. If I had cherished him. If I had loved him and showered him with love. If I never left and hurt him….
If I wasn't me ..
Everything is crushing me into bits and pieces and every night its the same pain , same hope that one day he'll love me , again . Im tired of my regretful life I really need him back please don't leave me


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