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Thursday, November 21, 2013


Hey peeps
so i know i've not been  blogging for quite a while since i last blogged , i know i know , its my bad im sorry guys . Lately I'm really stressed up and things just get so hectic for me . So long story short , today I'm just gonna focus on my first outing to /drums roll/ R I V E R S A F A R I hahaha had a great time there celebrating my 2 friends birthday who are siblings with the same birthday , like whuuut mind bowing isnt it ? hahaha so i decided to make a lil video of the entire journey of the zoo and yesh don't worry it will be up soon ! For now please enjoy the pictures and Trailer ^^ hahaha lame zi okok let's begin shall we 
Presenting Director Zi's movie directed from the hollywoods 

so starting off the day with the dudes eating breakfast 

in da bus otw to da zoo
look at that shitty Kyan face omg derp xD

Angry zi  >:(

and yay we got the tickets 
The siblings ! Birthday Girl and Boy
Tamilyn X Joven 

and this is my candid photo :P

HAI HALLO i like so auntie omg 

happy zi walking down the aisle 

Do you know ?
Pandas eat 20kg of bamboo a day , that's the weight of 100 bowls of rice !
hahaha im being lame sorry 

T A D A D A A A 

I look damn short wtf :(

That asshole acting like a kid 
look up 
JY: Don't take my pic 

hehe our ootd

Husband X Wife 


Jang imma panda 

Do you like our cutie bag ?

Back home :)

don't we look cutie ?

bleah :P 
the panda family hahaha

posted this on my twitter

posted this on my instagram
Alright thats allfor this post , i know it seems kind of rush and retarded , but yeah sorry i just wanted to at least post a blogpost by today because i am aware of my absence in blogging which is terrible so forgive me alright ? Anywayif you guys have realised , yes i have dipdyed my hair red but sadly the colour faded and now its just kinda brown ? sighpie ohwell . Anyway there are lot more blogpost coming up this week so please stay tune okie ! And with that
Sayonara  ~

Picture of the post
Capture the beautiful memories 

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