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Thursday, November 28, 2013


Hey guys
So yes as you have read from the tittle, this post is gonna be about my mummy ❤ why ? Because I realize I have always talk about bfs , friends and all in my blog but I have never honestly talk about the woman in my life? So yes this blogpost is specially dedicated to her ❤ so today 29/11/13 is her birthday which means her age adding another year and no Im not gonna say her age here, I mean DON'T YOU KNOW WOMAN'S AGE IS A SECRET!? hahaha but she gave birth to me when she's 28 so... you can do the maths hahaha �� anyway I have never been a good daughter and all and I have always been a disappointment in the family. Yet she always kept so strong despite how bad the situation gets . I know she cry in the toilet because she don't want me to see her tearing up. She always want the best for me and never expected anything in return and I know she deserve the best but I have never really been able to do it. I still remember the day she confronted to me about the scars on my arm ,Ohhh I know i had shattered her heart into a million pieces .I'm sorry Ma,for all my foolish acts don't worry because from now on I'm gonna be your guai nu er (good daughter) and be honest with you for everything . Well ofcourse we do quarrel I mean honestly which family don't? And I HATE it when she doesn't believe I mean till now she still don't trust me 100% but nah its ok ,I will let time prove my innocence. Through the good and bad times, she has always been there for me and I know I will never be able to repay her. But I am sure of one thing.If one day God put all the mothers in the world to stand before me in one straight line and ask me to choose who to be my mom, its her. I am indeed the luckiest child on earth and I'm grateful for this mum and I will love her for eternity, Ma saranghaeyo ❤

So I know  its kinda a short post but hey its the thoughts that count ya? Anyway since tomorrow is her birthday, the family is going to celebrate it with a birthday dinner and movie ~ ps the last time I watched movie with fam was damn long ago, probably when I was around 6 so yez you can feel my excitement here ^^ will be updating you guys about the celebration tomorrow so please stay tune okie and with that 

Sayonara ~

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