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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Mummy's Birthday

Hey darlings!

So I'm back to update you guys about the celebration for my mummy's birthday, and it was honestly the best family outing/bonding ever lah ^^ Alright let's just cut to the chase and allow the pictures to do the talking

Well although it was her birthday, she did not apply leave. So the entire family bonding only started at night

The day started with me meeting friends to go gymming :9
Don't mind me , I was just fooling around ya 
Jang ! Photo credit : Jingyi ❤

Going back 
So after that I just went back to teach all the way till momsie end work so we can go out and help her celebrate her birthday :)
with silly sister for dinner , dad didn't join us so ohwell 
(sorry for the blur picture ,well at least we still look cute right :P)
Just in case you miss my face x)
TADAAA so my awesome mumsie went to online book the tickets just in case its sold out ,and we watched Frozen which is by far hands down the best movie i have ever watched from disney ❤
It is about two sisters - Elsa and Anna  who have a ridge in their relationship and how the power of love actually manage to heal the ridge between them . So yes I highly recomend you to watch especially if you have a sister at home ,like me . The show is super touching and  the music is flawless .I went back home and cried while listening to the soundtrack because it was so heartbreaking :') 

and heres me and sis in the cinema ,yup we sat side by side and she kept feeding me popcorns into my mouth during the movie ❤
In the movie there are 8 songs and Demi Lovato - Let it go was my favourite . I even did a cover on it on soundcloud but there was one part which i forgot the lyrics ! HAHAHA OOPS :x anyways follow my soundcloud @n3w5p4p3r alright 
The song 'Do you want to build a snowman' was the one that made me cry 
Alright so after the movie we just went home cause it was pretty late already . Anyway this is just a random drawing ah, I bohliao :B But still, i hope you enjoyed this post and with that 
sayonara ~ 
picture of the post 
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