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Tuesday, October 22, 2013


hey dearies
alright long time no see , so guess what ? School has finally ended and im finally able to have time to blog again yay /applause/ HAHAH so yes that means my EOY has ended and well my grades were soso i guess though i got 4th in class cheyy ~ haha but i swear i studied damn hard for this exam ! There were a few occasions where i actually stayed up the entire night just to study meaning i actually drank red bull at 12am and start studying all the way till 6am in the morning and straight go school take exam , CRAZY RIGHT ? hehe but yea i passed everything except Combine Humans hais but nvm cause i topped the class in Geography ^^ not bad huh . I still remember i was the last in class for Geog at the start of the year but its ok cause i got the highest for EOY :') But unfortunately 4 students in my class couldn't make it to next year sec four so they had to retain which honestly broke my heart because we were all so bonded and the fact that the class isn't complete just makes us depressed . so yea today is the last day of school and we took alot photos together so enjoy and also i was bored so i ze lian a lot also :P

Early morning with ma sis 

early in da morning locked out of class 

and i was super bored in class

ignore me xP

Baby boo 

she even made cookie for the entire class :')

happy zi with ghost shannon thinking she is cute at the back

and i was bored again sigh

craycray moment :P

zi lian 

singer zi acting like a pop star LOL :D

ohh and amirah make brownies for the entire class and i swear its super good :9

happy girls with happy foods 

hehe the camera focused on my face instead of shannon's ! Bleahh :P

candid shot 

idk i guess this is #OOTD

idiot emman photobomb 

another candid
Hidayah and Firdhause

Shanon , Firdhause and me :)
this 2 naughty ginas :)

   Sheikh :)

Fidhause again with Emman and ME :)

bitch lukman :P

idk why i like how i look in this photo hahaha x)

Skinniest girl in class : rochelle

germaine :)

raizan maizan :O

and after school went to meet israel just to collect money for class tee

favourite teacher : Mr Lai
Best teacher i ever had , though he is a new teacher , he never once gave up on us instead he kept  encouraging us not to give up and want us to strive the best . No matter how badly we score , he never scolded us instead encouraged us and made strategies to allow us to be interested in maths . Thank you Mr Lai thanks to you , my Maths have improved yay :)

He bought Rootbeer Mugs for the entire class to encourage us to mug for exam

Form teacher : Miss Lim
Cutest teacher i ever had , she is very particular when it comes to cleanliness in class . Even the  smallest dust in the corner of the class also can't escape from her clutches ! But when she broke the news about students having to retain , she cried with the students and it really touch my heart . Thank you miss lim , though you are nagy sometime but we know it was for our own good and we know you tried to push us in our studies so we can achieve good results 

best class i have ever been into . 2013 has indeed been a great year for me all thanks to each and every ginas in class . All the memories we had during Pahang Camp and class outing will stay in my mind forever and i will never forget .
Thank you 3E for adding colours into my Sec 3 life , though we may all not be together in the same class next year but 3E will forever stay in my heart
I love you all Ginas

They are like my second family 

Alright i guess i have come to the end of the post . Hope you have enjoyed all the pictures hehehe i tried to type as less as possible because i know you guys don't really enjoy wordy blogpost so ARE YOU HAPPY NOW ? hahaha ok lah anyway just to update you guys i will be taking Higher Mother Tongue O level on November 6 so wish me luck ok cause frankly speaking i am not very confident about getting a pass huhu :( and with that 
sayonara ~
picture of the post
Once a 3E student , Always a 3E student 

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