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Friday, December 13, 2013

Lonely sunrise

Hey my beautiful darlings,
So I'm back with another blogpost but yes looking at the blog tittle, this post is gonna be a little tiny bit of emotional so yea you've been warned.
Alright so ever since I was young, my sleeping time has been pretty screwd and I sleep way later than usual kids do I guess. But since the holidays have started,my sleeping time has gone from bad to worst. During EOY I had forced my body to be energized 24/7 so I could use my sleeping time to study and not waste any precious moment at all. But since then, my body has not been able to sleep well at night yet I sleep like a pig till around afternoon. So everyday it's the same for me, waking up at the afternoon and dying to sleep at night but fails. So what I'm doing at night?  NOTHING, NO SHIT. I mean sometimes maybe a check through twitter, or an occasional youtube video,but other than that there's really nothing much. Im really tired of this daily routine. I hate it when I toss and turn in my bed many times and there's wild stuff going through my head. Everyday seems the same, I have lived the same day over and over again. Sitting on my bed, I witness sunrise every morning alone, and the more days past the lonelier and fucked up I feel. I want to give up, everything seems meaningless and miserable,there's no reason to continue. 

Yea I don't know, thats how I feel I'm weird whatever. This is just a boring post and you probably don't give a fuck, alright bye.

Tired , just tired .

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