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Monday, January 23, 2012

happee cny~

haiii ppl~
              yea its cny bt for mee tings totally fucked upp. ok lets start wif cny eve ... otw to my ah ma (lao bei side) for tuan yuan fan n guess wad ? i met HIM n tings we did LAST TIME which can nuu longer do now came over my mind yeaa fucked upp #1 . i tink its him uhh bt i didnt dare to shout out the name coz ps ehh sooo yea n yesh today . the BIG day . quarreled wif my lao bei fucked upp #2 ... haishhh cant even b happee on cny days n ohh ya did i mention ? i juz realise he stay near my ah ma house bt aiya anw i osho dun go ah ma house often soo its awwite :) kkk nth say liaooo . shall let ur c my camwhore pics ~ ^_^
yeaa tats mee in my cny outfit :)

mee before edit n aft edit ~ 

okay tats all coz i oni took afew bt gt sumore wif my couzzie coz ish she help mee take 1 hmph the pics nt bad rite? veh shuai hor ? xD bhb myself  ~ anw shall end this post here n wif tat 


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