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Saturday, January 14, 2012

sec 1 camp :)

yo ppl~
            soo yea ytd went to a 2 day 1 nite campin for my cca aka GIRLS' BRIGADE kekeke laugh wad veh funny mehh ? BLEAHH xD anw as i was sayin , we went to the camp n had barbeque there YUM YUM YUM n yea at nite arnd 3+ am when every1 was asleep , i actually walk arnd in the classroom ( yeaa i was bored n the I&I room cant use soo we slept in 1G classroom aka my ex clazz :) ) n omg soo funny siaa sum of them sleep until the mouth open open wide wide 1 xD kekeke anw ps uhh fone muz surrender to cher soo i cant take pics for ur to c :/ hmph haish den nxt day the sec 2 n 3 went for cheerleading while the rest go bake brownies n seriously its damn nice can ? my squad 1 the whole brownie luan luan 1 bt other squad de ish outside crispy inside luan luan bt aiya can lahh taste nice den can liaoo lahh xP .err the cheerleading was quite fun luhh coz im the 1 tat kenna carried 1 which ish easier than the 1 tat nid to carry mee xD bt halo i oni 34kg nt veh heavy rite ? xDxD yeaa n aft tat home sweeet home LOL ._. haish throughout tat whole nite when we were suppose to b sleepin , i kept tinking abt tings dunno y lehh my brain oni when i wan sleep le den will active 1 lorr >_< hiash siann siann siann anw i like boh ming kia tok liao lorr soo erm shall end this post here now?

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