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Friday, February 17, 2012

valentine's / #foreveralone day

hey guys soo yeaa sorwwy for nt blogging lately coz bz uhh n yesh its valentines day wait i mean #FOREVERALONE day xD well soo in this post im gonna post 2 different event - #foreveralone day n #foreveralone eve . kkkk shall start wif #foreveralone day first. . .

yeaa its valentines n as expected im foreveralone bt hehehe tat was a big day to my CHAR SIEW coz she gt herself the first bf in her life bt i shall nt say the name SHHHHH~ bt c them tgt tat time damn sweet can? n yeaa aft sch we went opp sch to take 69 n there he was my ahemahem/lao xiang/old village rite opp mee n we were like 2 roads away oni ? bt hmph he didnt say anyting to mee nor did i coz aiya break liao = wont ever tok liao bah :/ n rite be4 he left i even wave to him like an idiot bt he neh do anyting RUDE BODOH ! jk lahh idc anw :x n we went to manpuku wif chan chan's ahemahem which i osho dun wan xpose n ltr it was charsiew's big day nyehehe~ chan chan n ernny went down to buy roses n came back wif a goddamnbig-plastic-chio rose n past it to charsiew's ahemahem n he asked her for stead~ TADAA HAPPILY EVER AFTER ~ hehehe feel happee for charsiew coz they both like shy couple bt cute bodoh! well bt how i hope i can be charsiew to?can stead/celebrate wif ur crush ish smt tat had never happen in my whole damn entire life before >_< haishh boh pian lorr nid wait for nxt year lliaooo >_< hmph ok tats all for #foreveralone day shall proceed to #foreveralone eve :)

hmph foreveralone eve ? guess wad i thought of u the whole nite . YES THE WHOLE DAMN 4H OF NITE TAT IM SUPPOSE TO SLEEP BT INSTEAD I THOUGHT OF U . tat nite i reli pray/hope/pray/hope tat u would perhaps cum back to mee (? ) bt ofc tats all my wishful tinking . U WOULD NEVER DO TAT . NEVER . and hmph i can still rmb gt 1 time chanchan even ask mee y i like u. . yeaa y uhh? u osho nt y i saranghae u soo muchh ? dunno coz im  an idiot perhaps . A BLOODY IDIOT . bt dun worry from now onwards like NOW i shall forget abt u . every single ting of u n juz move on like how my chio bu hui ying had told mee before
                  if it's meant to be yours it will be.
yeaa indeed perhaps u juz ain't mine :/ bt  its gonna b a hard time doin tat tho :/ haishh boh pian uhh ~ shei jiao wo ai shang le ni ? JAE~ xD kekeke anw yeaa its a long post n im tired of typing soo wif tat 

p.s. ~ my zi lian of the post ^_^

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