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Hey there it's Luna
Well, this is a dark dairy of mine where I pour out my feelings into every word. It's a strange blog but it's probably the best way to convey my feelings without being hurt.
I hope you don't find them too weird and with that, I wish you a fun time reading...

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Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Sixth Station

Waking up to a whole new world,
Was never an easy task.
Trying to recall every single memory,
Hoping these feelings would last.

In a train station within the ocean,
Was where I start my path.
Far beyond from this sedation,
Is where I fell for Lust.

A new name, a new game.
I was rebirth.
With full hate and nasty word,
Is where I lost my First.

I gave my all for everything I had,
And swore to leave someday.
But all that I had ever got on hand,
Was to find myself some way.

Each day fades into hell,
Each pain deeper then the well.
Finally I had reached some level,
To take the shortcut and meet the devil.

Opening the gates to an unending hall,
With broken dreams hanged on every wall.
Yet he turned out to be the perfect man,
A Devil, A Sin, My Awful Resent.

Wildest Wolf


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  2. Cheerup. I like the way you express yourself but it seems like you are in so much pain. look on the brighter side of life :)


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