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Saturday, May 23, 2015

101 Shitty things in life

101 shitty things in life 
101 shitty things in life

This is my list of shitty things in life and I hope you'll find them relatable...

waking up late
rushing for school
morning crankiness
the irritating kid in the bus
long bus rides without earpiece
long bus ride with dying phone
judgemental teachers
fucked up society
double standards
being accused
being misunderstood
not being good enough
a pile of homework left undone
when you give in your best but the result is unfavourable
when you are in a room of better people
when you deem yourself to be worthless
when you know that you're easily replaceable
when you try your best to be as useful as possible
laughing at your insecurity
faking a smile
trying to fit in
low self love
when youre broke and you are starving
when cash flow was a problem and you had to eliminate any source of unnecessary cash such as a beverage     
When you have no place to go
No one to turn to
No one cares
Shittyness in life are inevitable and my list for it can go on forver. However you need to learn to pick yourself up from it regardless of how much you want to give up.

Last night my boyfriend, Xavier broke up with me at 12am sharp. This mark the end of our 6 month relationship which is also my longest relationship.
Despite the shittyness drowning inside me, I still pick myself up and carry on with my project works and studies. Why ?

Because I learned it the hard way, because I know if I just give myself up now no one will bother to pick me up. Remember my previous relationship? Yeah, I screwd myself. I gave up and it affected me greatly especially as I was taking my O levels. Because I gave up, my result was shit and I had to use mother fucking taekwando which I don’t like and force myself to endure through the trainings because I want to get in Temasek Poly. Yeah true story ain’t making shit up.

So don’t give up and eventually things will turn for the good. And regarding my break up, as bad as it sound I know I never regretted my relationship with him.
He taught me a lot and I never felt happier with him. Very unfortunately the stars don’t give me sign and the moon aint showing tonight. Love is a word I never learnt and broken pieces is what I need. Shame on the fate and guilt in the tongues, to turn our head back and trace our palm. To not blame ourself but for Cupid’s mistake, and go back in time to find our own fate.

101 Shittyness in life does not ends here, to go further with endurance and remember. Never give up is three simple words, but it can change you even at your worst.

ending this post we a collage we took at his birthday
this are the days we won't forget
this are the day we won't regret

wildest wolf


  1. Cheer up gurl ������

  2. Cheer up , life's tough but I know u are stronger than that :)


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