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Saturday, January 25, 2014

surprise birthday party

hey ma unicorns
alright i know i know you guys are thinking 'omg when is she ever gonna blog?' 'IS SHE DEAD?'
hahahaha no im not dead , yet . I have been pretty busy since the start of school and today I'm finally taking a good'o break ~
So looking at my blog tittle ' yes today 25 January 2014 is our baobao (charmaine's) birthday and her mum invited us to Sentosa villa to give her a surprise birthday party which is like omg so cool and I was so envious of her >< hhhaha anyway i took A LOT OF PHOTOS /mostly my zi lians/ so lets get into it shall we ? ^^
Photo credits to : Me and Rochelle <3
Gooda morning 

selfie in da bus coz IDGAF 


 so started the day by meeting Rochelle who was late and I had to wait for her don't know how many years 
and we head to bugis to pick out her gifts 

hahahha she said her hair was cui here xD

dayummm this one is nice ;)

ofcourse her photos are clearer because of ma shitty phone

hehe :D
we took nearly 1Hr to pick her gift and we bought a super-cute-to-death-rilakkuma-onesie-that-was-so-soft-it-felt-like-marshmallow for her ! After that we quickly headed off to harbourfront as we were running late
we went to the Starbucks at USS to grab a drink 

Chocolate Chip Creme <3

mirror selfie lol

happy girls enjoying our drinks 

ohyeah , and we stop by USS to snap this chey chey 
So Me , Rochelle , Israel , Cedric , Jere ,Shao Kang and Brandon started for our Adventurous hunt for the villa because it was so hard to find , and we literally walked a marathon because the dudes refuse to take any tain or bus so our legs suffered a lot of hardwork :(
We took probably about 2Hr to finally reach the villa as we got lost a couple of times and we had to rushed to the villa because CHAR WAS REACHING ALREADY ahhh /runs like a lightning/ and we were damn lucky we still had time and the we need LiQin to pick us up as we did not know how to walk in , too complicated
The first thing we step into the villa was...
OMFG guys let us all take a minute and enjoy the floating balloons 

its so gorgeous ! Char siew's mum together with LiQin and Crystal prepared these for her , I want !

soon the princess came and she cried when we surprised her :')

together with the Kakakawkwards 

birthday cake 
 after cutting the cake and all we decide to open up the balcony door and head for the mini pool to chill
taddaa look at the pretty pool 

Rochelle Me Shannon 

ummmmmm don't judge my face thanks 

hehe this one cute :9

..and so is this

and this xD

keke look how cutie we are 

OHH look at that Gaynon face xD


and omg guys i look pretty good here idky 

/new whatsapp profile pic/

with the lovely bithday girl 

huhu I got ignored :(
steppin in da water 

lil ryan 


ohh don't mind me getting suntan here 

omhygosh loook  so dreamy ehh ? 

this shannon tsktsk 
mine is the one at the center 
 alright so i accidentally fell into the water mid way BUT shannon was like 'since you already fall why not just go all the way' and /SPLASH/ i was the first one who got into the water
taddaa me with balloons 

so afterwards shannon pushed me down again and this time another person pushed her in so we together fell into the water xD


alright so when shannon push me into the water , she didnt realise I had my hone with me so my phone was dipped into the water toghether with me . At first it was totally in the stage where it could not even turn on , then slowly the conditions improve and with the help of the girls my phone was miraculously saved  so thank you everyone and shannon it was not your magical finger xD

However Chongsiang also got dragged and pushed into the pool , his phone was in his pocket and despite us using the same method on my phone , his could not be salvaged :(
there is Chongsiang , drying himself up 
me and israel 

ohyeahh Shannon and Crystal helped me put on make up *.*

whats up people 

winkyy ;)

lying on da bed 

derp shannon 



aww look at my sad pout :X

OHH and shannon helped me take these



omg I LOOOVE #4 lah <3

ohh and ma OOTD 
tadaa me with da balloons 
so i decided to leave and not stay over because I am going crazy shopping for cny clothes with Jingyi tomorrow <3 hehe so Char siew's mum called some mini car thing and the man drived me to the lobby ot have free bus to bring me to vivo city and save the entire trip of walking hahaha
the dudes decide to send me out and jere was taking care of baby ryan aww 
the lighting in the toilet was amazebeans 

birthday girl <3

Alright lets end off this post with a fabulour picture of me
Pic of the post <3
and with that 
sayonara ~

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