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Friday, January 31, 2014

Chinese New Year

Whats up babyreaders ?
Well as promised , I'm gonna blog about my CNY this year so...
alright if you don't know , in my family the 1st day of CNY is more boring compared to the 2nd day because TRADITION so yeah this post is gonna be short and boring congratulations /clap clap/
so yeah this is my outfit for day 1
(i look like a walking ang pao) 

sister's outfit , look like fat swan hahahah 
so yeah 1st stop : Mother side - Big Uncle's house

so yeah i guess you can guess what i usually do during car rides ...

this was the photo i posted at twitter

yes yes i put make up go on judge me 

tbh i look really really different like omg 

wink ;)

i like my make up tho :9
the car shook but ohwell 

with jocelyn cousin and she kept saying i look old and hiao :(



nahh im an innocent cat /pout/

ERR .. i don't know what the fuck is this 

selfie time again 

heyy do you remember this pose . . ? 

TADAAA with pow wen ;D

before we left
ps : my sis took this pic while she was standing on a chair and the beautiful lady on the right is my momma <3
 2nd stop : Father side - Grandparents house

for my dad , they have very less relatives so this was the only house we visited for father's side 

ohh look at us , and look at his gay pose xD



look at ma armpit 

ohh before we left my Big uncle's house , he gave me this polariod camera 

happyzi with cray cray hair 

i was having trouble deciding which cameras to buy first and polariod was one of the cameras but yay now i can focus my money on other cameras :)


did i mention it was superrr hot ???

heh schoolgirlzi 

i don't know what i was thinking hmm . . 

there goes that pose again , ERMAHGERD am i addicted ?

ohh and my grand ma prepared the cutest fishcake ever 


nomnomnom i eat your head
the taste is soso bah 

yeah we stayed a while and let to ... 

HOME , nothing feels even better to be at home wearing ma super man shirt chilling on ma sexy bed and having no shit on ma face  
Alright thats all for this post , see i told you its boring :P hopefully my CNY day 2 can be more interesting bah ? So anyways i hoped you enjoyed this short-boring-full-of-selfies post and please stay tune for ma CNY Day 2 post !
and with that 
sayonara ~
Pic of the post : My Instagram OOTD <3
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