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Friday, September 27, 2013


Note : The following blogpost is going to be super wordy and long so if you are not interested , please feel free to click the red cross button on the top right corner or your browser , thank you .

Hey my wonderful readers ,
Yes yes i know I'm finally gonna blog after i don't know how many years , sorry about that . School has been occupying too much of my time and im juggling between my studies and time going out .
Alright you see the blog tittle up there ? yes GFF but no not the Girl Friends Forever ! Its Grades Family Future . So today i finally decided to take some time out and just think about my life now , like whats really the Biggest First piriority in my life and stuff . So ofcourse - Grades .
Grades. Well my SA2 just passed and frankly speaking , i amazingly did quite well like for the first time i actually have a couple of A's and i did not fail any subject at all OMG CAN YOU BELIEVE IT ? /proud/ hehe but no i don't want to be an arrogant bitch so im feeding myself with humble pies ^^ so my Geography , History and Art had A , espiecially History i manage to get A1 :') while the rest are mostly B and C sigh , shall work harder to get all A and B only cheyy :P however my parents did not think of it as an improvement at all , wait its my father who think i did not improve and kept nagging to me to study study study , and this brings me to my next piriority in life - Family .
Family is very important because no matter what happen , they are the ones who truly accept you even your flaws and be there for you . For me , i have a love hate relationship with my family . A father , Mother and a sister with a huge age gap of 9 years . Despite all the quarrels and hatred we had , they never fail to be there for me when i was truly broken down . This year , i finally finished my probation and i must say , the probation had helped me and my family a lot . I hated my family at first , i resented them and build 'walls' that caused our relationship to drift further apart . However they sacrificed time and effort to make time for my probation , and we manage to talk thing out and bond , so my family is back together and I'm really contented to be in this family . Yes , we still quarrel and fight . But at the end of the day we will still remain as a family . F A M I L Y - Father And Mother , I Love You .
Lastly , future .
Future is just ahead of us , and it used to feel so far away from me but now its so close . I still remember how i wasted my entire sec 1 and 2 away , not giving a damn about studies . This year is a crucial year for me , after all the hardcore playing of my Lower sec years , i finally realize the importance of study and the goals i want to achieve in life . I'm aiming to get into Laselle to take art or maybe go some school and take Psychology course . Yea if i can i definitely want to enter Psychology , i know its going to be hard but im really interested in Psychology so i will work hard hehehe ~

Alright so thats all for this post , i know it is super wordy and you guys most probably don't give a fuck . But i think it is time where i sit down and really think about the priorities in my life . Right now im actually having the most important exam - EOY and honestly speaking i am not at all satisfied with the first few papers like Geography and Chem , like i felt that i did not give all my best and apply every knowledge i learnt . Whatever , its too late to regret anything now . So anyway i think im most probably gonna udate my EOY result together with my next post ? SEE FIRST , hahha my schedule is really packed so please understand :( alright so i guess thats all for this post , thank you for reading all the way ( i don't think anyone did ) and i appreciate it alot
and with that
sayonara ~
picture of the post : its been a while 
ps : i have changed the background and hover colours of my blog because i think its time for some change and also because i was bored :P i guess im into a lot of floral lately <3

ohh yea and i have started using soundcloud to record my singing when im bored so please support and follow me ! kekek


  1. Hmmm i see. All of your stories are very interesting! Ohya i did read it all the way :)

    1. hey reader , thank you for reading all the way and I'm glad that you find the stories interesting :) thank you

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