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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Bazzar night

Hey lovelies
so yea as told on my previous post , i would be posting a lot of my past events that i didnt manage to blog about since i was busy . Ok so bazzar night was an outing i had with my class - 3Excellence :) best class ever , and i super love my classmates to bits and pieces . That day things was super hectic cause i had to rush around going to different classes and attend to some important matters like crazy . After school i have to go for my higher mother tongue class then rush to art class to help out my art teacher , then had trainings with my juniors for NDP parade and after that go for NDP parade pactice then home to bathe till i finally meet them . CAN YOU SEE HOW SHAG I WAS :( but oh well it was all worth it because we really had a great night enjoying ourselves so its ok ~ but as usual i was late to meet them so end up they had to wait for me at Simpang Bedok for dinner before we take bus and go gey lang for bazzar night

At simpang with my ginas 

ok heres a lil video of us taken by shannon ~
as you all know , what girls do best during bus ride ? CAMWHORE

greetings from my lesbian partner shannon 

and that bloody woman kept taking my unglams photos hmph >:(

so at geylang , the night there was crazy and everywhere was filled with people . Since it was so crowded , we kept getting seperated from each other and is super epic x) Mostly bought food at the bazzar which is damn nice especially the DENG DENG like omg guys you must try it , it d e l i c i o u s . Finally we were all tired and we decided to walk to the shopping mall there to rest and continued to camwhore :P

Mummy bao ~
so yea we slacked all the way before we walk back to take a bus home . . . more picture time ! 

Raizan , Firdhause , shannon and me :)

pardon my blur face /hides/


Raizan , shannon , alya , char siew and me ! kekeke
me and sister in law - alya ~
so yup ended the night outing with them as we were all super tired , especially me since i still have CCA early in the morning the next day >///< reached home around close midnight and my eyelids were super heavy like i can literally fall asleep anytime ~.~ ok thats all for this post , please stay tune as there would be a lot more events coming up , waiting for me to blog .
alright and with that 
sayonara ~
1 , 2 , 3 , 4 !
♥ Me and my favourite girls 

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