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Friday, May 17, 2013

50 scoops of red velevt

heyy my lovely readers ,
ok so let me guess , you guys are probably wondering : 'XINGZI ! WHY YOU CHANGE YOUR BLOG NAME ? :O ' hahah sorry guys for changing my blog address i just think that its time for a change . like i mean the previous one ' sayonara-myjangsikkoli ' is actually the tranlsation of my ex name , the 1 i couldnt get over when i first started blogging so . . yesh . i have gotten over him so i guess leaving his name as my blog address is pretty ironic ? haha and also this way its easier to type my blog name ( coz i know how irritating it could get ) ok so let me just introduce my new address , its actually '50 scoops of red velvet' and the reason why i chose this is pretty obvious isnt it ? I LOVE RED VELVET <3 and also I LOVE 50 SHADES OF GREY <3 like i mean seriously go read it if you havent coz that book is awesome , like it literally made me teared :'( hehe okok so lets just start with my happenings okie ?

so the dreaded MYE finally ended YAY /pop champagne/ but sighpie , have been suffering with loneliness and have not gone out or anyting OHHWELL . also sister was down with fever so i have to take care of her cheyy #goodsister98 and to top of that , me and ahem have not really been talking , and relationship gotten sour due to some reason :'( sighpie instead of having fun celebrating the end of MYE im like staying home rotting away and feeling empty hearted . </3 but its ok , things get better , I HOPE . but i totally have no confidence for mye like seriously if i can pass 1 subject i can fly to moon already moooo but /cross finger/ i still hope the examiner pajiao den mark wrongly so i can have higher marks ? hehe also i really just wanna take this moment to thank you , yesh you whoever you are reading this fucking blog coz lately i recieve messages from some lovely readers who enjoys reading my blog post and they encourage me to blog often so whoever you are mua xx i love you <3 so awwite nothing much for me to type already , too depressed . hopefully my next post would be a happy post ? hehe

this was taken in school by me :)
pic of the post : new header and new twitcon <3
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and with that ,
sayonara ~

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