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Saturday, May 25, 2013

awaiting for holidays

hey darlings ,
so yea , its the end of MYE and i have gotten baack my results and guess what ? I IMPROVED and got 7th place in class ^^ like omg  can you believe it x) heh so this time i only failed 3 subjects by 1 mark which is fml lahh if only i can rewind the time back to exam period and i had been more careful and not have careless mistake , i could have passed all ! T_T but ohhwell ~ im contented with what i have achieved so its awwite :P hehe but sadly my judgemental parents still think its NOT GOOD ENOUGH , yesh not fucking good enough . sighpie bohpian lo despite my vast improvement they still think not good , what to do ? just work harder for CA2 ba :/ however my cutie ahma was happy with my results and understand that i had worked hard for examns , keke lucky i got her if not my life really miserable >///< awwite so yesterday which is 24 May , i was suppose to go outing with swagfamily but the weather was a bitch and it rained so plan cancelled (jeng jeng jeng) . End up i went out and shopped with sharon and had epic moments xD at evening we went to have our haircut and met up with princesley at lyp mac and waited nearly 2 hours for haikal ! MUAHAHA SOMEONE OWE US ICE CREAM >:P so yay swagfamily unite /clapclap/ and we went to subway for dinz before going home hehe . i know lahh my post very boring but too bad , thats the only interesting thing happened to me ! but since exam over le i shall have more time to go out and hopefully got more outings to write ? THE LIFE OF CAVEMAN XINGZI ~ awwite so sharon is going off for her sec 3 camp and osho her England trip which i find it damn cool lahh , like omg go ang mor country lehh i jelly ! sighpie gonna miss her alot :( hehehe nothing much to write already since i am really not a great blogger who has alot of shit to write >///<
when boredom strikes keke 
new hair and im proud of my not-bad-looking fringe whih i cut myself  :P
lame ass xingzi playing with her foodie /facepalm/

#ootd that nite
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and with that ,
sayonara ~

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