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Saturday, December 5, 2015


The fool, who still chased for you.
Who thought that absence were power,
Who fucking loved you.

The fool, who still stayed.
Who cared when no one did,
Who prayed for your safe.

The fool, who still thought we were friends.
Who provided you directions,
Who fucking held your hands.

The fool, who thought her feelings mattered.
Who explained the pain that was prolonged in her heart,
Who was brushed off simply like dust from our past.

Yeah, when I was hurled online.
It was my fault for following.

When I hurled her online.
It was my fault for being childish.

Little did you realised that all this time, the fool was me who was never once sheltered for being foolish.

Wildest Wolf

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  1. Life is just full of ups and downs. Be it good or bad, we still need to deal with it. We choose to live and dealing with whatever shit that comes in our way is a must because running away from it doesn't seems to solve the problems instead bullshits are just gonna pile up one by one. Sometimes, don't let the negative mindset take over, it isn't gonna make you feel any better. Tell yourself, whatever bad things you've been through is a lesson. A lesson that you'll keep in mind, a lesson that you'll never ever want it to happen again. Everybody has their own flaws and so do you, nobody's perfect and that's true. Be yourself, that's what really matters. Live your life to the fullest and I'm pretty sure you won't regret the decisions you make in the future. I don't know whether if you'll ever see this anot but if you do, I hope it actually makes you feel abit better. I've been through a lot too, although it's kinda different from what you experience but I know how it feels to be at the lowest point. So yeah, it really sucks. Anyway, I look forward to more of your blog updates and hopefully it'll be a "positive" one *if you get what I mean*. The things that you're going through now, it'll be get better I promise. She's gonna be okay too.


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