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Hey there it's Luna
Well, this is a dark dairy of mine where I pour out my feelings into every word. It's a strange blog but it's probably the best way to convey my feelings without being hurt.
I hope you don't find them too weird and with that, I wish you a fun time reading...

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Monday, November 16, 2015


Hush. Don't speak.
This post is gonna make me bleed.

This pain on my aching beat,
Running blood on my top ribs.

Hush. Settle down.
Don't worry about life- just calm down.

Even the lost found light in the dull,
Wouldn't you live life without a dwell?

Hush. Don't cry.
This feeling that I get I don't know why.

This misery lingering over my soul.
A tormented life lurking around in the cold.

Hush. Take a shot.
Let liquor bring you away from your thoughts

The burning Crimson will befall,
This pain you felt will be dissolve.

Hush. Stay happy.
Cut a line and put stitches over me.

This plastic happiness we were told to portray.
Losing faith in humanity once again.

Hush. I love you.
What a common lie coming from you.

Why are we killing each other
Are you a lover or a serial killer

Hush. The moon.
Alone in the dark, faded in the sky.

Seek for the moon when you lost your sight.
I'll bring you home with all my light.

Wildest Wolf

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