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Wednesday, September 9, 2015



The play of words for both Holiday and Hell to be mixed together.

Commonly used for describing a Holiday period that has given an individual a whole ride of Hell.

-Source relied from the limited knowledge in Luna's sick-retarded brain

Alright lets go...
Exam has ended and it bought a triumph of victory into my mind. Fuck yes I'm going to finally take a nice long ass break and be away from bullshits- Not.

Guess what ? Satan Taekwando have decided to step into my life

OHWELL CAN'T BE HELPED. Besides my schedule for September is crazy like literally I think need to head down to the nearest 7-11 and grab 5 cartons of Redbull. Aint kidding.

Will be travelling a lot this month with Malaysia followed by Batam and ending with Australia Fuck yes. But as much as I'm excited, the shiftiness that I have experienced lately is hell.

Problems after Problems just start piling up as if rubbish is not the only pollution on earth.
The stress and anxiety inside me feels as if I'm struggling for exam wait.. DIDNT MY PAPERS JUST ENDED?! Oh lord.


This recipe will teach you human beings how to take a fucking break with only simple ingredients that you already most probably have within your reach, and clear instructions that even an idiot can understand.


Get the fuck off planet Earth.

.....FEEL ME?

Life has been so crazy and even if you want a break, it is literally impossible because our world is just a chaotic human living adaptable dying but still orbiting planet. 

This is just a silly, indirect, informal, disrespectful blogpost because Im scandalous like that /Haha/

With that thanks for reading this crap
love you,

Wildest Wolf

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