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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Best mistake

11 November 14 
This is a confession I have to make , I am currently in a relationship . 

This new relationship has changed me literally 180 degrees in my perspective of life . Many people hurled insults at me saying I did not love Shawn or my love to him was a lie but little did all of you know he is currently living happily with a new girl . 
It didn't hurt me , not an inch , only happiness and relieve pour into my mind when I first found out . I'm happy that he finally made up his mind , I'm happy that he is happy . But most of all I'm relieved that he is no longer confused in his thoughts , or his complicated heart . All this while I've been hoping I was the reason to all his answers , I guess I was wrong . To foolishly love , wait , and caused myself to be hurt because of a man that could not figure out his life - I was constantly living in torture and pain 
I was so ... Naive 

But I don't blame him , in fact , I've found a new love . Call him XX , but I am unsure of my love and this relationship could work for long . To me , he is a beginning , a start , a risk . The things he had given me tells me that I was worthy to feel happiness , that I could love again , and love another . 

The past had damaged me but he taught me to pick myself again . Did I love Shawn ? I did , crazily in love but that is the past . I do not need to put myself down and torture myself for his love , I'm done . XX is my risk , and whatever happens I will take it as a lesson . 
" If you love me , pull me back . 
   Because all I needed , was your love to stay in my heart " 

I know that it's crazy to start a new relationship again , but It doesn't bother me since I've already lost my mind at the beginning .
Both lovers are out of their mind , two of a kind , makes them bind . 
I love you 

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