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Monday, November 17, 2014

Wild wild night

16th November 2014

That day I've prepared myself that I was going to see Shawn at the club . He texted me a couple hours before the event that my friend was hosting and I was the promoter . We chatted and I ended the conversation without memories in my head , all I know was the Longer we talked the more my heart throbs ...

Outside the club I saw him and even approached him for ticket sales . Walking over I behaved and endured myself to show that I've changed , he on the other hand was wearing the shirt that I bought for him for his Birthday and it aches my heart .... And from that moment all I could thought of was forgetting him ...

At the club we met and he texted me to go to the dance floor . All I could ever recall was me dancing with my BFF and the next moment he was standing just next to me . I threw myself out and got my hands in the air , so did he . My friends pulled me up the stage on the DJ Deck and we danced . I looked at him below the stage and forgotten everything behind . Mind swirl like a whirlpool and I was drunken in the music , I loved that drug that got me so crazy but at the same time it hurts to be an addict . The night went on and a few times he even came to talk to me but I was trying my best to ignore him and I pushed him away , with the best effort I could . 
After the event he texted me , asking for his clothes back and offering a dinner - that was it . That was all I could ever manage . Drunk in that sober hearts , my mind is playing a trick on me . God is pulling a prank on me to put Shawn back again . So so tired , I just want to enjoy this finally broken free single life and rave every fucking night . 

I want to be a wild wolf chasing the moon , with butterflies fluttering around me showering me with compliments . I love it , it's my assurance it's my satisfaction . That even if I have a deadly broken heart , I still have my outer shell that keeps me accepted in this society . Dancing in the crowd with the spot light hitting , the wolf lost herself in the night . Who cares there ain't no love in the world , nobody bothers anyway . 
Some nights shouldn't end and the wolf would howl to the moon , forever .

Drink the bottles with seducing tongues , maybe it's time for the game to begun.

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  1. Sorry if i am k po
    is shawn the guy tat kiss you before ?
    In that picture are you crying ?


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