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Sunday, April 1, 2012

fool the fooled

sup guys ~
                soo alrite its april fool day ok wait nt reli april fool liaooo coz its aft 12 bt anw my april fool day likeasianoni lehh . nuu 1 to prank whole day juz went out to makan den cum backk sleeeeeeep kekekekekek bt in my dreams i dreamt of him like srsly nuu joke . the dream like weirdweird lehh dunno y bt the oni ting i remember was his face . kekekekeke i tink im gilla man >_< n aft i woke upp i keep tinkin of him n i keep hopin tat he would sumhow appear in front of mee :/ haishhhh dafuq ish wrong wif mee ? y muz i tink of him >_< fml mann love sux n i srsly hope i didnt even had started the relationship if i had known tat tings will gt soo bad tat rite now we r strangers . complete strangers wif deep memorise . yeaaa idk y bt i juz wanna blogg abt this even tho it doesnt even make sense xD kkkk btw juz updatin u wif my personal life , im lately watchin drama 24/7 ^^ esp the show


tat show likeaniceoni lorr soo touchin makes mee cry at the endin :'( esp the guy soo sweet if oni he was my bf i wouldnt even b strugglin juz to forget HIM  >_< hiashh aiya tats  life + its drama i cant possibly live in fairytales wif happee endings </3 okok tats all for this post n soo sorwwy uhh i lately bz watchin drama tat i gt too lazy to blogg :P kekeke heres the pic of the post n wif tat
hehehe nice annot ? i tie myself 1 lehh ^^ lalalala dw let u c my face :B 

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