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Sunday, October 21, 2012

last .

hey guys
*sniff . . . EWW OMG SOO STINKY >///<
yupp i noe i had nt update my blogg for a long period of time due to exam n other stuff soo sorwwy ! bt heyy guess wad ? IM BACK ~ hehe this time ish to update ur wif mee n lsbn LAST OUTIN . yupp LAST . idk lahh sumhow LSBN ish juz fallin apart bt ohh well shall juz let time heal everyting awwite ?
okok soo this outin was done long long ago ~ n i totally could nt b borthered to update it bt since its the last den haish shall share this memory wif u guys awwite ?
pics taken by char siew . . .
awwite first stop : BUGIS ~
n yesh i look short here >///<

hehe mee n beanz ~

we went to the new kstreet ^^
n we camwhored wif the posters 

last grp foto . . . 
n nxt stop we went to : haji lane

n did a jump shot there :B
susu was the first to succeed the jump den xin ern n finally mee ~
4th pic was the cutest 

tired tired 

n also we saw this cool shop !
hehehe cute beanz posin as a model ~ WIWIT ! 

n im in love wif the staircase ~

babes bz camwhorin xD

n i joined in :D



my fav foto of the outin ^^

ltr on we took a bus n went vivo 

hahaha cutegal98 <3

can u guess where we went ? 
    yeshh its. . .
hehe n idk y bt i could nt maitain myself at sentosa soo 


omg hedious muchh >///<

n beanz pretendin she didnt noe meee xD

strutin off like a model. . . shortmodel. . . 
hahaha this 1 srsly xia suey :B

n ahh aft a whole day of walkin our feets r tired :(

n we went to take the LUGE ^^ 
fun muchh ! 
hehehe tats all ~ n yesh i reli hope LSBN would haf another outin agn :( sigh bt ohh well ~
updatin u guys wif my EOY results i . . .  *drumsroll . . . 
PASSED EVERY SINGLE SHIT except hist i gt 16/50 heheh bt nahh im still glad wif the results n i *crossfinger tat i can promote to sec3 n get into 3F nxt yr awwite ? n wif tat 
sayonara ~

pic of the post ~ <3

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